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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Loving Life

Par's Gigi has been working very hard learning to smock so Par can be the cutest little boy EVER! After just a few weeks of "instruction" Gigi has perfected the art of smocking and finished her first piece ever! I love it (as does Par) and I immediately crafted an outfit for it--a little button-on shorts and shirt--doesn't he look adorable!?! For those of you who do not know what smocking is...the smocking is the needle work part on Par's chest--Gigi did that--and I did the rest of the outfit. We collaborate well, don't we! So this is definitely a dream come true for me--Boo does all the heirloom sewing, Gigi smocks, and I do the sewing/putting together for the outfits with smocking! Once again, our own little sweatshop!

We have LOVED this weather and spend many hours outside each day. Although I have some allergy issues, it isn't too bad yet...and hopefully the rain coming later this week will keep it under control just a tad longer.

Especially today, the weather was perfect and Par was happy running around in his diaper cover! He loves to be semi-naked--so today was no different and he had a ball in the yard exploring barefoot! Our only issue is rock eating--he loves to eat rocks and is constantly putting them in his mouth. It is so frustrating! So, in an effort to curb the rock appetite, the ice cream man came to visit...Par had his first push-up pop...I used to love them--they only came in orange sherbet before--now they come in rainbow sherbet. Not the best idea--with the colors mixing and melting, it looks like Par has been in some sort of accident. But there is something so precious about him dripping ice cream all the way down his tummy!

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The Bennett Family... said...

He is soooo cute! Glad to hear of the great weather. We keep going back and forth. Freezing at night and somedays are 40s and two days later it will be 70s. Our allergies are going crazy, too.

God Bless,