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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Small Successes Vol 10/3


So celebrating small successes can be good for anyone--but especially a mother of a monkey on speed-ahem...a little boy named Par. Join me over here and celebrate three of your small successes with us each Thursday!

1. I have started to get up at 6:15am for quiet time and then walk with my friend. "Started" is the key word here--hopefully I'll have the small success of "continued" next week!
2. I have kept a clean/dry sink for 3 weeks now! This is amazing to me--my entire kitchen has stayed very clean/neat and I know it is because of this small success--it makes all the difference!
3. I made the appointment to have Violet "fixed" and I am taking her this morning. I will admit, I was supposed to have them both fixed, but Tiffy went into heat last week--which was a wonderful reminder that I needed to do it. So we'll have to wait on Tiffy.
4. there are only supposed to be three--but the outfit for Par was definitely a small success! Actually, a rather large success--but I am so excited about it (see previous post)and I am so thankful for Gigi's smocking fingers!

Yesterday I saw the Easter outfit my mom (Boo) is working on for Par--it is BEAUTIFUL! There was a bit of a thread issue--but I believe it will be or has been resolved. Either way, Par is going to look like an angel this Easter--which will definitely help to balance out his behaivor recently. Some of the more "precious" things he is doing include: slapping me repeatedly in the face, hitting (open hand) other children--preferably infants in carriers, saying "no"--but really he just shakes his head and says "nah nah nah," running away from me--which happens most often before he gets in the bathtub and when he stops running he looks at me and starts to tee-tee on the floor (or rug, he's not particular)--this always ends in giggles on his part--not so much mine. If there is one thing for sure--even though many people think he is a girl because of his flowing locks, petite frame and contagious grin--this kid is ALL BOY!


ViolinMama said...

What a nice treat to find your blog!! Can't wait to read more of your story!

what great accomplishments!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

God Bless!

Andrea said...

What great successes! Keeping the kitchen sink clean and dry is a feat unto itself!
Waking up early before the family is such a peaceful, wonderful thing to do! I feel like it makes the whole day better.

The Bennett Family... said...

Congrats on your accomplishments. With baseball starting up, NONE of those things make my list of accomplishments. I'm luck I get out of bed on time, much less get up early. Hope you have a great week!

God Bless,