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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome to the world baby Frances!!!!

I bet you are wondering if Tiffany has had her babies...and if we named one of them Frances... Tiffany is still preggers (grrrr) and has become really annoying. I love her--but she comes up to me and stares and cries at me--sort of like "come play with me!"--I know this is a sign of impending labor/delivery--but seriously, I'm not falling for it. I'm starting to doubt that she is actually pregnant. This would be quite the hoax by our vet--we'll see what tonight brings...

So who is Frances? Frances Feagin Sandner is my precious niece--born today around 12:20ish--weighing 8.4ish...(i really don't remember the stats...sorry) but this gorgeous little girl has a head full of hair--I'm not kidding. Like, she'll be able to donate to "Locks for Love" by next week. She is beautiful and has the sweetest face.

More importantly, she has a wonderful big sister who has been awaiting her arrival. Elizabeth has been practicing with Par--and she is very sweet to him so I know she will be extra sweet to Frances and a big help to her mama.

We are so excited about this little girl--such a blessing and we thank God for her healthy arrival. Julie is doing great (looks gorgeous--you'd never know she just delivered a little bundle of joy) and Joe is definitely a proud papa! We visited the little girl tonight--Par was a monkey the entire time and wasn't very gentle to Frances--I guess that is typical for a little boy. Rusty and I were able to hold her for the first time (Rusty held her first)--it was really special--especially since we never got to hold our baby that "new"---but fyi--she weighs now as much as Par did at 4 months....

So who knows...maybe we'll have a special delivery later tonight...we'll keep you posted!

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