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Friday, September 5, 2008

Do you want to see the puppies?

So do we.

As I sit here, Tiffany is beside me and I can SEE and FEEL the little babies trying to find their way out. They are SO active--Tiffy is not a happy camper.
I don't know why I'm going to tell you any of this--as we have seen, it doesn't mean anything--but since these puppies HAVE TO COME OUT at some point, it could possibly be a good sign. Anyway, we continue to temp Tiffy and yesterday afternoon (3ish) she was 100.1 (lately it has been hovering in the 99.5 area) and then it was 98.8 (9ish) and then 98.6 (midnight)---she was up several times during the night--and sweet Rusty took her outside to potty--and then this morning it was 98.4 (7ish) it seems we are making progress (magic number is 98--and then it is typically 2- 12 hours after that).
So...maybe we'll have some action later.
Par's Gigi (Rusty's mom) headed off to Spain yesterday--we wish her a safe and happy journey!
My side of the family is still smitten by little Frances (and who wouldn't be!?!) I hear Elizabeth has been a terrific big sister. We wish them luck their first night home tonight!
We failed to mention that Par turned 10 mos. old on September 1st--not because we forgot, but we had these great plans to take his 10mos pic with the puppies sort of as a special surprise--thanks for spoiling that one Tif!
But...I'll do it now....Par is 10 months old!!!!! Thank God for our son and his courageous journey.
Of course, we will update later (if there is anything to say).

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