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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tiffy's Labor Day?

UPDATE: 9/1/08
No puppies. And the temp is back up. Yes, I feel stupid (and a little like the boy who cried wolf).

Tiffy is possibly going into labor. Her temperature is 98.6--it has been 100+ most of the time. This is a significant drop. She isn't acting any different--just pregnant! You can tell she is uncomfortable-- (and the picture itself is a tad uncomfortable to look at)


Our Labor Day weekend has been focused on Tiffany--of course, I've been obsessing over her. Par has been chasing her. I feel so sorry for Tiffy--of course she would be in her last week of pregnancy just as Par is walking! We've been home most of the time--made a couple of American family outings (the mall and Walmart).

Par has been WAY OFF his normal routine--we've felt so sorry for him! I know it has to do with his teeth--he cut one of his top ones and the other is trying to poke on through. He is loving his dinners--breakfast is hit or miss--plus, he nurses so long in the morning that he really isn't hungry--so it is more of a mid-morning meal--and for Par, this works! In an effort to get him back to his normal routine (last night he took his afternoon nap at 6pm) I held him off of another evening nap--we fed/bathed/loved on him as fast a we could and had him in bed by 8:30--he was so tired (cranky) but this should right his routine--I expect a well rested little boy bright and early in the morning!

Which brings us back to Tiffany--if she can wait until tomorrow morning to birth these little blessings, I would just be more than thrilled! Last thing I want is to be worthless for Par from being up all night--then the routine will really be shot. this is a video of our little monkey Par. This is what I deal with all day long...seriously...all day.

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