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Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Father's Plans

Many of you followed our CDH journey with our son Par and that is how you have come to be a FoR reader--we thank God for your prayers for him and our family--during our time in Gainesville, they meant more to us than you will ever know. The continued support we receive to this day is such a blessing--especially as we tackle the challenges with raising a CDH survivor (ie--weight gain, possible reherniation, RSV, morphing into a monkey and swinging from chandeliers, etc.)

We may not fully understand our miracle--but we think about it every single day. Actually, we talk about it every night. I find myself struggling with understanding why God chose us to be the parents of Par--as confusing as this may sound--I struggle with accepting this gift joyfully--I struggle because while Par is our miracle--it doesn't turn out this way for everyone.

As you may have noticed, I have several blogs listed to the left--I list them because they are the blogs I check most often and a lot of them involve other CDH children. Most recently, Baby Elli and Baby William were born--just 19 days ago. Baby William passed away after just one day of life--and this morning, Baby Elli passed away. Both of these precious children are blessings to their family--both of these children impacted thousands of people who followed their own stories--both of these children are now completely healed and dancing before our Father in heaven.

I ask that you will pray for these families who have lost their children. More than that, please pray for all the families who have lost a child to CDH
and those fighting for their lives right now. Ask our Father to give the mothers carrying a child diagnosed with CDH a peace in His plan for their baby. Finally, ask that a cure to this devastating birth defect come soon.

Thank you.

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