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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tiffany and her babies are here!!!!


For those of you who are FoR fans and follow our blog "daily"--I want to offer my apologies for all of the false alarms we posted--Tiffany is so embarrassed.

So how did all of this happen? Well, at about 1pm yesterday (Friday), Tiffy's temp bottomed out at 98.2 and she began panting and nesting a lot. I stayed with her at her whelping box---she panted and nested without ceasing most of the afternoon. Rusty came home from work to assist with the births (really, to assist with Par while I assisted).
There were several lulls in the panting and nesting, she would take some naps, but it always resumed pretty heavily.
Now if I can back up a little bit--I've been going to a personal trainer--I had started before I was pregnant with Par but had to stop because of some non-CDH-but pregnancy related issues. So I started back about a month ago--I had been telling Jean (my trainer) that I really want to feel sore (somehow that motivates me) and so we had a really tough workout yesterday morning. By 6pm my lower back was in lots of pain.
I kept complaining to Rusty how sore I was--but I thought it was from the workout. While Tiffy continued to pant and nest, we ran to my brother's house to see our new niece Frances, Julie & my neice Elizabeth. My lower back seemed to get worse.
By the time we got home, I was in constant cramping pain and was beginning to feel sick. I sort of thought it was lack of quality sleep the past few nights. I tried to maintain a vigil by Tiffy's bed but was hurting too much. I took a bath (it helped a ton) and Rusty took great care of Par and Tiffy.
By 1:00am, there were no puppies and I was pretty pathetic. I got in our guest bed with Par (closer to the kitchen than our bedroom) and Rusty got in his sleeping bag next to Tiffy. The panting and nesting continued until 7am. I woke up still in pain but felt terrible that Rusty was on the floor so I told him we could switch. That didn't last long. I was concerned for Tiffy and called her doctor--he seemed comfortable to wait it out a little longer--so I headed back to the bed. Then her water broke--right there with Rusty!
It was about an hour before anything really got going, in the mean time my temp was pushing 102--so I called my doctor and we confirmed that I have yet another kidney infection. If you recall the last one I had landed me in the hospital for almost a week back in January.
Funny thing, once I knew what was going on with me, I felt better (sort of) and was able to concentrate on Tiffy.
She had her first one standing up--she seemed a little confused but immediately started licking him and cleaning him up.
By the time she had cleaned him up and he had nurse for a few minutes, the second one came. Again, Tiffy was standing up--this one was breech and was hanging with her head stuck so I had to help pull her out. Again, Tiffy went right to work cleaning her up and making sure she was breathing--such a good mama!
Not 30 minutes later, our third puppy--the second girl came--this time Tiffy was in her box with her babies and just popped it out. And then finally, our little boy (and he is little) made his appearence about 15 minutes later, also in the box and unassisted.
I am so proud of Tiffany for being such a little mama. Everyone seems to know they want to eat, but some of them are better at finding the food! And for some reason, the first girl seems to keep trying to climb back in the way she came out--poor Tiffany!

As of now, I've had my second dose of antibiotics and I feel TONS better and my fever is under control (last time it was pushing 105).
Par was having his morning nap during the entire birth--but he is thrilled to be an uncle--although he doesn't understand what they are--he does think they are funny!
We are so excited about our family additions! Enjoy the pictures!

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