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Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am. No doubt about it--I want to scream at someone--but I don't know who.

Our insurance just called--I was greeted with "Good morning"--her call woke Par so I had to settle a crying baby while trying to respond back to the chipper voice. Par quieted down. And so did the chipper voice.

The lady on the phone explained she was from our insurance and was calling to inform me that Par had been denied for Synagis* this season. DENIED? A big fat DENIED! This is our ONLY safeguard (apart from literally not venturing out for the next 6 months)for Par's tiny little lungs.

How can they do this? Well, since he came off oxygen in March they consider him healthy as a horse. Seriously? The boy can't go from here to there without panting. We still haven't made it on the growth chart. And aside from the fact that he is eating solid food various times during the day, he still BF every 2 hours and still isn't putting on weight like he should. Our boy is CUTE--no doubt about that--but he isn't the picture of health--as much as we might pretend he is--his little body is still fragile--I know it is our (Rusty and my)vigilance (and of course, God's grace) that he hasn't caught a germ since we've been home...
Lord--I beg you--give me understanding.
So this is Providential...
I just typed the line above..."Lord--I beg you..." and my phone rang. It was our pediatrician's nurse. She apologized that our insurance called us and said that they are in the middle of appealing it and not to worry--Dr. F feels that Par DEFINITELY needs this--and they have letters from Dr. Kays. She also said she is speaking to the drug company on our behalf. She offered hope. I'm going to let go of this right now. Pray for those insurance people--they don't understand the power they have within their hands.
Praise God for His hand on my heart...

* Synagis is a prevention medication for RSV--learn more about RSV here.

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