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Sunday, September 21, 2008

FoR blog enhancements...and an update too!

We've made some changes/updates to our blog--I want to explain them so people aren't confused.
If your blog isn't listed on our blog roll--please, do not be offended--it is most likely because it is a CDH blog and I decided to keep all of the CDH blogs together on Par's blog. There has been some confusion lately, so I thought this would help to resolve it. To further explain--the blogs listed in my blog roll are blogs that I am interested in and read frequently--they do not necessarily have anything to do with Par or his health.
With that said, I do check in on all the CDH babies daily--but it made more sense to keep them all together. I have a few CDH blogs still here--this is simply because they are people that I personally know and correspond with often--but they are listed on Par's blog as well.
If you are confused and you are thinking "I thought this was Par's blog"--well you are right--it is primarily about Par! But I am referring to the original blog focusing on Par's diagnosis of CDH following my pregnancy until we came home from the hospital-and then a few months after. You can click on our "First Family Picture" to the left or click here to go to Par's blog.

We have also added Video and Slideshow Archives to the left so you can take a walk down FoR memory lane if you so desire. Additionally, Par's blog has a Video Archive featuring footage from his NICU stay--so check those out as well.

I'll be adding a new feature--Get In My Bento! in the coming weeks. You may be wondering what that means...well, stay tuned!

Basically, Tiffany is acting like a teen mom with her babies. She wants to be playing with Rusty, Par and me instead of with her babies. She is great at feeding them--when she is locked in there with no choice. But when she isn't, we have to remind her that she needs to feed her babies. Other than wondering where their mama is, the puppies are doing great. They are all growing fast--they've all opened their eyes and are trying to walk now--Par still doesn't understand what they are--he just laughs at them.

I can't imagine life without Par. I can't imagine life without Rusty. In fact, it is hard to remember what life was like before them--and at the same time, I remember clearly daydreaming about what life would be like when I was 30--and I never imagined I'd be so blessed--with Rusty as an incredible husband and Par, my miracle son. Thanks be to God for His blessings (and answered prayers)!
Par is still walking and still eating--still getting cuter! His mobility has put a kink in my daily activities--motivation used to be my problem with regards to doing the laundry and putting it up. Now motivation has nothing to do with it--it is easy to throw clothes in the washer and dryer while chasing Par--but folding and putting away is another story. I have piles of clean clothes that desperately want to be folded...and somehow I find myself contemplating putting them all back in the dirty clothes pile so I don't have to look at them anymore. This reminds me of something TERRIBLE I used to do when I was in high school--I feel the urge to confess it right now--
Mom--I would try on a bunch of clothes each morning before school and throw them on the floor. When you would ask me to clean up my room, I would put all the clothes in the dirty clothes basket instead of hanging them back up. I'm sorry for being so lazy--but I am certain that some items were washed 5 or 6 times in a row before being worn. :)
Anyway, Par is acting like such a little boy! He is a big eater--he LOVES peas and green beans and loves melon fruit. His favorite word is still Mama and bye-bye, but he loves to growl when prompted. We recently transitioned from our bathroom to his bathroom for bath time. He didn't miss a beat--he marches in there after dinner time and is ready to play! This makes shower time for Rusty or me easier--it was a little confusing to him why he couldn't get in when Rusty or I was taking a shower. Since the transition, he hasn't even tried--although he still pokes his head in and watches the water.

I'm so glad fall is here! This is my favorite season--I love the color changing leaves and the weather is cooler--and I like that it gets dark earlier--it is a good reminder to wind down and I tend to go to bed earlier--which is something we need to do in this family!

I hope to have updates on the Synagis saga soon. Thank you for your prayers!

Finally, our last blog enhancement--we will now be allowing comments for each post. Please feel free to leave comments! Thank you for all the sweet emails encouraging the comment option!


Ole Miss Mom said...

YAY! I've been wanting to leave a comment! :-)

Fer said...

Me too!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to know that Par is doing great Liz :)

b said...

Great to be able to comment, although I promise to be kind and will continue to just email any snarky stuff directly to you.


Sally said...

i miss y'all...

A simple being said...

liz and rich family
imso happy to see a place for comments,i love your blog and enjoyseeing par's amazing progress. your faith and journey with par and cdh is an inspiration, nice to see. i can hardley beleive how big he is getting and how much he looks like his dad! congrat x's 4 on the birth of the babies...they are so cute, i love puppies and tiffany's are is beautiful what ever form huh? will they be lighter than tiff they look light now, or was tiff that color too?
take care and happy blogging

Sally said...

and i just checked your blog in poland...your welcome for another red you