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Monday, August 25, 2008


UPDATE: 8/30/08 12:45 PM
I seem to have a lot of free time for updates lately.
So...there could be a hidden puppy--even with an xray, it is I added a new poll. Tiffy is still moping around.
UPDATE: 8/30/08 9:23 AM
Still no puppies.
We just took Tiffy's temp--99.5--and yesterday she was maybe we are starting the downward trend (or maybe not)
What we do know for sure is that Tiffy WILL have puppies at some point.
UPDATE: 8/28/08 10:50 PM
Tiffany does not seem to be in labor. I started temping her on Tuesday night. By Wednesday afternoon, her temp had dropped from 100.1 to 99.6--which is half of a degree--and when it is only supposed to drop 2 degrees total, that seemed like a big difference. Tiffany was "nesting" and seemed a little different--not to mention that her milk has come in. I thought the puppies were on their way--seriously--I thought they were coming.
But they didn't.
As of now, Tiffy is temping at 100 and sitting quietly next to her dad--although she does keep rearranging her towels in her whelping box and has managed to remove half of them. We'll take her temp again sometime tomorrow to see if there is any change--hopefully they will come after we get up on Saturday (instead of the middle of the night as most do!) We will keep you updated!

By the way, if you or someone you know is interested in making a four-legged addition to their family that would include a monetary exchange, please email me.

Our precious Tiffy is pregnant with FOUR little puppies! She is SOOOO big now--I can tell she is ready! We had our x-ray today that confirmed four (4) little babies inside--and she could deliver anytime between this Friday and next Wednesday! I've started taking her temperature--apparently, her temp will dip 2 degrees within 24 hours of giving birth (pretty cool)--so hopefully we will have a heads up!

We worked on the nursery all day Monday! Tiffy is pooped--she was very insistent on where everything went (hormones, i'm sure!). She has been trying to get the whelping box just right--she arranges the blankets over and over again--definitely nesting.

We've sealed off the nursery so Par can't get to it--I think Tiffany definitely "gets" that this is where she'll deliver her puppies because she wasn't happy when Par stammered into the area (which is very unlike her)--so that makes me happy that she is already being protective of it (less likely that she'll decide to deliver in our closet on my good shoes).

My sister left for Rome yesterday--I'll miss her tons!!!! She'll miss a lot while she's gone: the birth of the puppies, Par's new cousin, Par's 1st birthday, T-giving, football... but I'm sure she'll have fun...we can't wait to have her back in mid-December!!! She took me to the grocery store for the birthing supplies for Tiffy--let's just say we had an interesting assortment of items in the checkout line at Publix--and I am glad I had a friend with me.

Par isn't learning to walk anymore--he's actually walking--period. And climbing. And climbing. And sometimes trotting. He loves his independence--he spends a good part of the day rearranging furniture in our house. He loves to push things around...our little boy is growing up!
This video is from Aunt Sallly's "Going Away" Party--those are Aunt Sally's legs and the cute little girl is my brother's daughter Elizabeth. (btw, she'll be a big sister in about 5 days!)

We will definitely update as we approach the birth. Please check out our poll in the top left.

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