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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We have some news...

Par is going to be an uncle!!!!


That is right, Tiffany is going to be a Mommy...and in like 2 weeks. She is waddling around just like I was my last 2 weeks of pregnancy--but she has a good attitude and she definitely has that "glow" about her.
Rusty and I are thrilled--it will be fun for Tiffany and I to "raise our babies" together! Our plan is to let Par keep one and the others will be "adopted"...but Tiffany doesn't know that yet--we really haven't found a way to tell her.
We've decided not to find out what she is having--we'd rather it be a surprise but we will be having an x-ray at the beginning of next week to see how many to expect.

Tiffany is still trying to decide if she wants her delivery video taped or not--the problem is that our videographer doesn't have a great track record with that type of stuff--either way, I will be the one delivering them. Although Mid-wives are illegal here in Alabama, we've still decided to have a home birth and we are hoping to be assisted by some labor and delivery nurses from St. Vincents Hospital.

In lieu of gifts and flowers for the mommy to be, we ask that you make a donation to Real Hope for CDH.

In other FoR news, Par is able to climb into the bath tub (see pictures above)--life just got crazy.

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