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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A tribute to our fathers...

Rusty and I want to wish our fathers--Sir and Big D--a very Happy Father's Day. We love you very much and we thank you for loving our son as if you were his own father.

Par also wants to wish his dad a Happy Father's Day--as well as some very important "Father Figures" in his life. The slideshow above is a tribute to the men who have helped Par become such an outstanding young man at just 7.5 months old:
1. Dad-Of course, Par's own father. Many of you don't realize that Rusty was a permanent fixture in the NICU III for the first several weeks of Par's life--I was recovering from my C-section and couldn't be with Par for long periods of time. Rusty stayed by his bedside and reported back to me all that was going on--by the time I was well enough to stay at the bedside, Rusty had all the machines figured out. He is an incredible father--he is a wonderful provider for our little family--spiritually, emotionally, physically--I have no doubts that Par is growing up with a very hands on dad.

2. Par's grandfathers--Big D and Sir. As I stated before, these wonderful fathers have shown our son such a love--you'd think Par was their own son. We love watching them love on Par--and it doesn't hurt that he is the FIRST grandson. Being that they are both big golfers, Par has a lot to live up to even without a name like "Par."

3. Par's Uncle Joe (aka- His Godfather and Uncle Poots) Joe is always wanting to hold Par--which is so sweet--and sometimes I fear that Joe might steal Par--I know "Uncle Poots" will be a wonderful influence for Par as he grows up.

4. Par's great-grandfathers--Great-Daddy Joe and Great-Grandaddy. As many of you know, Daddy Joe passed away this spring--we are so thankful that he and Par (his twin because of the nasal cannulas) were able to spend some time together. We remember Daddy Joe in special way this Father's day--we miss him deeply. Watching Par's Great-Grandaddy hold him is a tear-jerker--mainly because Grandaddy starts tearing up himself--how could you not--Par truly is a miracle from God.

5. Par's surgeon, Dr. Kays. Dr. Kays gave us hope from the very beginning of his diagnosis inutero. Many people refer to patients of Dr. Kays as "Kay's Kids" because he does treat them as if they were his own--spending countless hours, days, weeks tending to their specific needs and many times sleeping at the foot of their bed during critical times. We know that the work of Dr. Kays is only by the grace of our Father in Heaven--we are so thankful for Dr. Kays'love for our son and for that Par wishes him a Happy Father's Day.

6. Our special Father Donohoe--surely it is obvious why FATHER Donohoe is included in this tribute. But more than that, if Dr. Kays gave us hope medically, Fr. Donohoe gave us hope spiritually in the very beginning of Par's diagonises. We thank him for the prayers and for the faith he extended to us many times when we were down. We feel so blessed that he was able to baptize Par at his last mass at St. Pauls before he moved to Rome (where he currently resides while studying). He has been a father to Rusty, me and of course, our son Par.

We thank our Father in Heaven for all that he has given us. We pray that God will bless each of these special men and shower them with peace and love today and for many days to come.

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