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Saturday, May 31, 2008

and life goes on...

UPDATE: Sally has made it to Mongolia and has met the family she will be living with for the next month. Please continue to pray for my precious sister--it is her heart of gold that has led her to such a far off place--I know she will do so much good!

At the risk of boring my loyal fans--if you are someone that I could possibly run into here in Birmingham--please take a glance at April's post The Future is so bright... and reread the first part answering questions about Par. I appreciate the love for my baby--no one likes to hear the word no and believe me, it isn't fun saying it. If possible, please try to understand--even if Par is reaching out for you--he is only a baby and doesn't know the rules yet! By the way, he loves to play Peek-A-Boo--so if you want to interact with him--that will get him smiling and giggling!

Par's Big D and Minnie came to visit for Memorial Day! (Big D & Minnie are Rusty's dad and stepmom). We had a great time (obviously it revolved around Par)--we went on lots of walks, a picnic at the botanical gardens, zoo and swimming in a new pool we had put in just last week.

The swimming pool was a hoot! Par loves his bath time--so it was no surprise that he would love the pool! His cousin Elizabeth was happy to jump in with him after our Memorial Day dinner!!!

As many of you know, Par is basically mobile. He is crawling (it isn't pretty, but it gets him from place to place) and he can now pull up. We had to lower his baby bed because it looked like he might crawl on out of it!

As of June 1st--Par is 7 months old! I can't believe it! Our little baby is growing up!

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