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Friday, June 20, 2008

Cleaning Up My Act

Okay…so if you visit FoR (Family of Riches) on any sort of consistent basis—you’ve probably noticed it has seemed a little schizophrenic lately. A change here, there, a change back, then again. Anyway, I’m just trying to find my groove—so I appreciate your understanding and patience. Well, FoR was about to morph unexpectedly into a blog about me instead of the family. I just enjoy this outlet of writing so much that it was bound to happen if I wasn’t careful. But I really want our family blog to be a blog about our family---so what do you do?

Well…you start another blog!

Mommy Knows Breast was launched June 18, 2008 and it has already had a decent amount of hits. MKB will be blogging about breastfeeding and mommyhood—two things I’m very enthusiastic about! Haven’t breastfed in 20 years or so? Not a problem! Take a trip down memory lane as I share lots of first experiences with breastfeeding and motherhood—there are sure to be many laughs—and while you are reading—you may just get a little blogucation on breastfeeding so you can support your sister, friend, daughter, daughter-in-law, etc.

So no worries—FoR is going to maintain its focus of family (Par) and I am going to keep those family pictures (Par) coming.

I had Par weighed 2 days ago—he’s a whopping 15 pounds! Go Par! And he is cutting a tooth (possibly two) on the bottom—so he has been cranky the past few days. And—this is always so embarrassing to write—but the sandman accidentally dumped ALL the cute dust on him again a few nights ago. The cuteness is so high we’ve been told not to look directly at him for a while —needless to say, changing his diaper gets pretty gross since I can’t look at him.

Enjoy the new Par Pics! The one of him climbing on the back of the chair is real—not staged. Our little monkey was under the care of his Dad and Uncle Joe when he attempted this trick. Fast forward to the next day—I walked into our monkey’s nursery—there he is, hands holding the top rail, feet balancing on the slats, butt going up and down. Is that a milestone I should mark in his baby book?

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