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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This Time a Year Ago...

...we were telling people about CDH. We had just confirmed the diagnoses and we were prayerful for our baby boy. We had not spoken with Dr. Kays yet and we felt really helpless as parents.

But today…July 1, 2008—our baby boy is 8 months old and an absolute monkey! Rusty and I (and many of our friends and family) have witnessed a miracle in our lifetime. It is through God’s grace that our prayers for this child have been answered.

Par is a mess!!! Each day I am bewildered at his abilities! He is cruising around the house—as long as there isn’t more than a foot between furniture, he can virtually walk around. He is OBSESSED with straws (drinking straws) and will grab and steal them if you aren’t careful. He loves to sit in his Mama’s lap—but treats it more like homebase.

Those teeth? They hurt—I can tell by his pursed little mouth—but I think he is getting used to them. I’d post a picture but he is very protective over them.

Our last doctor’s visit was the past Friday—Dr. Farr seemed amazed at Par’s progress. Par’s weight gain continues to improve and I look forward to the day when we can celebrate actually getting on the growth chart—but we aren’t there yet!

Par’s babbling is turning into words—but not on purpose. He likes to say “I” (not a surprise coming from my side of the family) and “mamamamama” and “dadadadada” and “bababababa.” I’d like to point out that many people think “baba” means bottle—we are here to tell you it doesn’t—since Par doesn’t drink from a bottle and we don’t ever use the word—it is just one of the sounds that develops first. Although his Boo thinks he is trying to say “Boo”—but he isn’t—I promise.

Par has also started screaming more and louder—not an upset scream—but a hyper-happy scream that includes a wide-eyed silly grin. We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing this from 1-2 AM. Par woke up and decided it was time to play. At first it was funny….by 2 AM it wasn’t funny anymore. It was sort of creepy because of how awake he was and how he didn’t seem tired AT ALL—I’m hoping he doesn’t begin a new playtime at 1AM…last night he slept fine…but that is probably because of all the drama of yesterday.

You see…it all started 3.5 years ago when my boyfriend (Rusty) gave me this precious puppy (Tiffany). Part of the agreement from the breeder was that Tiffany would have a litter of puppies and she’d get one. Well…Tiffany has gone into heat 5 times—and 4 of those times Tiffany ended up with a false pregnancy—all that means is that her hormones made her think she was pregnant—when in fact she hadn’t even been intimate with anyone. Apparently, this is very cruel to let happen repeatedly to dogs—having puppies is a very natural thing for a dog—and if they aren’t spayed, it is better to let them have a litter (well, in Tiffany’s case it is—either spay or let her have a litter NOW). So, Tiffany went into heat a few days ago—so we hopped in the car and took her to stay with all of her sisters and hopefully she’ll meet a boy there—and well…you know…maybe we’ll be adding to our family come late September.

As you can see—her sisters (literally) were so happy to see her. She was freaked out at first—but then she settled down. I miss here terribly. When we were going to bed last night I started looking for Tiffer--and then remembered she wasn't here--my heart sank. I know people say that when you have a child it is nothing even close to the love of an animal--I agree--the love is totally different--but it hasn't changed my love for Tiffany--and right now, I feel like I am missing one of my children. Hopefully she'll come home early next week.

We decided to get Par a few toys--one is for pushing around inside and the other is for riding outside (and inside). He loves them!!!! Check out our son cruising for chicks!

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