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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going Green?

So it is no surprise to Rusty that I have jumped on board to go green. I wholeheartedly believe one person can make a difference for good—I don’t intend to save the planet or picket Styrofoam makers—I just want to make thoughtful decisions—so our family has made some changes. We no longer use plastic bags at the grocery store—we bring our own bags, if we want to eat out—we walk to the restaurant.
At home, the food we eat is changing—less prepackaged foods, more homemade. This evolved from reading about making Par’s baby food (which is VERY easy and better for him—so I encourage all moms to do it.) It just makes since (and is more economical in the long run) to make our own—this accomplishes three things:
1. one less container brought into the house if prepackaged
2. we know EXACTLY what is in it
3. it is healthier

To take it a step further, I am actually growing our own food. Currently we have arugala, chives and basil growing and ready to eat each day—we’ve had some yummy salads! But come mid-summer, our backyard will be overflowing with green beans, lettuces, spinach, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries and----pumpkins!
On top of that, I have made cream cheese, butter and sour cream—I can’t wait for the strawberries and blueberries to come in—then I can make Rusty a truly homemade cheesecake (his favorite!).

So you are probably reading this thinking “this is ridiculous” or “this doesn’t sound like Rusty”—well, you are 100% correct!
This is ridiculous!—but this is also very typical of how I am. You may remember by “crafting” (stockings, ornaments) from my stay in Gainesville. Or for you pre-bloggers, the outfits I made before I was pregnant. I’m a nester by nature—I like to create things out of love and hard work. And yes, this is not Rusty’s idea at all—he’s just supporting me because he knows (or he thinks he knows!) it is a phase that will soon be replaced by something even more ridiculous like whittling flutes.
I pronise, I will inform you when Rich Dairy & Produce closes up shop.

Par has been growing up so fast. He wants to crawl so bad. He is very quick with the turn and up on all fours move. He loves to scoot around on his back—he has learned it gets him places pretty quickly. But until he can master crawling--he'll be in a predicament every time he climbs out of his chair...

The past few weeks have been very crazy—and it is not about to slow down—so I’ll fill you in…
My cousin Sandner & Rhonda were married on May 3rd—the weekend was absolutely gorgeous! Par was a real trooper—Rusty and I were both in the wedding—so Par hung out with us and the wedding party the entire day. Considering, he was a very good little boy. He loved dancing with his cousin Elizabeth.

This picture above was taken at the same place (exact same place--same part of the wall)Rusty first told me he was "interested in seeing more of me" exactly 5 years ago (remember, we met at my brother's wedding--who now shares an anniversary with Sandner & Rhonda!)Wow, 5 years later...and with a baby...time flies!!!!!!!!

Par’s 6th Month Old photo shoot was on May 4th. He was all smiles!

Of course, the most important day in May—Mother’s Day! I celebrated my second mother’s day (my first with Par outside the womb). It was wonderful—I was brought breakfast on a silver platter—literally! We went to church and then to a brunch with our wonderful mothers—Gigi & Boo. Joe, Julie & Elizabeth also met us for brunch.

pictured: Mom, Elizabeth, Par & Me--by the way, my mom is the most incredible woman in the world--best role model for a mother--although I do fear she will steal my baby one day.

Above, Rusty & Par went on their first outing together--FIRST EVER! The boys went shopping for my mother's day present on Saturday. Par picked out a gorgeous rose bush—I can’t wait for him to plant it!

Later that day—we went to the zoo—and this time he was awake for the lions...and a little intimidated.

Par was more entertained on this trip—in the barn he wanted to touch each animal (and they wanted him to as well!) Par’s favorite part was watching the otters.

We walked to dinner that night –Tiffany got to go too! Although it was chilly—it was a perfect end to a very special day! I love being a mom!

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