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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Par's Half Birthday!!!!

Today is Par's Half Birthday--that's right--he is 6 months old today!! We praise God for our son--for his miraculous life and recovery. From the beginning we have marveled at Par's monkey-feet (curiously common among CDH babies)--why not celebrate with a Monkey Party!?! We had lunch at Zoe's in Crestline with some of Par's first friends--and enjoyed monkey-cupcakes (which were melting by the time we ate them!)Happy Half Birthday Par Rich!!!!!
PS-of course we did not expect any gifts--but Par's favorite Half-Birthday gift was from his wild and crazy friend Read, appropriately only half of the book (the top half)Goodnight Moon (we're hoping for the bottom half on his 1 year birthday).

Boo was unable to make the party--but we made sure she was in the pictures! See if you can spot Boo in the pictures...

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