Par & Jack Pics...(updated 11/26/11))

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I can do it myself!!!!

Par has been SOOOO active this week and really funny. He loves to giggle--and that in itself is hysterical--sort of like a chuckle. His new thing is "taking a sip" of whatever I'm drinking. It doesn't matter if I have a straw or not, he wants to try it--and he is very strong and grunts until I let him, so I give in and let him. As of now, he is yet to actually get anything--really he just ends up drooling all over my straw or into my drink.

We ate dinner with my mom, Joe and little Elizabeth last night--"Uncle Joe" decided to put Par on the mantle in the kitchen--needless to say, Uncle Joe isn't Par's favorite uncle.

Rose was baptized today at St. Paul's--one of our favorite things to watch! At a lunch afterwards, Par hung out with Rose and Davis. All three are the same age--actually, Davis and Par are just 2 days apart! I'm proud of Par for being so good at the lunch--thankfully everyone was crying at the end! (I can't believe we forgot to get a picture with Rose!!!!) So here is a picture of Lynley and me holding each other's boys (or are they our husbands?--they look so much alike it is so hard to tell)--so cute!

Elizabeth (a childhood friend)and I go for walks quite often--or just stop over at each others homes just to say "hey"--we never seem to have a camera to take a picture of Par and Isabelle together--not until today!!!! So here they are--Isabelle seems like she doesn't care and Par is just waiting for someone to entertain! Do we have a love connection.....hmmmmm

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