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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another week of loving Par...

Happy 5 months Birthday to Par!!!!! (a few days late—it was April 1st) Oh…the days of mommy-hood! I love it. I just love being a mommy—especially to this precious little boy! I am amazed at how strong he is—he loves to put my hand in his mouth and if I resist he tugs back with a lot of force. Not to mention his uncanny accuracy at pulling out the “whispies” around my hair-line—those hurt the most! He’s growing right before our eyes and we are doing everything we can to make sure we don’t miss a thing! He has been rolling over a bunch this week—sort of his mode of transportation—he is trying to get somewhere and he knows he needs to be on his tummy to do it—but that is about as far as he gets—so hopefully the instinct of “crawling” will kick in—although people have said he may just skip crawling and go straight to walking!
We went to Homewood Park for a picnic with Elizabeth & Charlotte—and of course, their babies! He was very good and enjoyed hanging out with his friends Read and Isabelle.
My mom was a huge (HUGE) help this week—I helped host a party for my cousin’s fiancé Rhonda at my house this Saturday, so Boo was here to entertain Par while I tried to clean and organize for the party. And then, of course—Par attended his first (and hopefully his last!) bridal shower—but he loved being the only stud there!

Thankfully, Par seems unaffected by the pollen season—unfortunately, I am not. So our time outside has been limited lately—but the rain from the past few days made today a great day to be outside. We took Gigi to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens to finish up her 60th Birthday present (we gave her a sterling bubble wand and part of the present was taking pictures of her and Par blowing bubbles). Both models were easy to work with—thankfully (especially after the game last night)! And we got some great pictures. These will also serve as his 5 month old picture—it was a memorable and fun time!

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