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Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Riches go to the zoo.

Let me preface this by saying that midway through our zoo visit we saw another couple with an infant and the husband seemed visibly relieved that they weren’t the only ones there with a child who could care less about animals—it didn’t phase me until we saw them looking at us—we’re a family—and well…families go to the zoo on pretty days…right?

This past week in Birmingham has been full of schizophrenic weather—nearly 70’s and then snow—and today--around 55—but the zoo had plenty of people! We came upon the flamingos first—but I have a fear of birds and so it was unnerving being so close to them—but Rusty was insistent on a picture—wow—the things we do for our kids! (I’m sure I’ll have nightmares tonight).

We went to the sea lions—boring. There was just one and he didn’t seem interested in putting on a show—he just swam around a bit—Par was awake but wasn’t quite sure what we were watching…then we headed to the monkeys. The monkeys are of special importance to us because we sing “10 little monkeys jumping on the bed” nearly every hour for one reason or another (I am aware that the original lyrics have only 5 monkeys—but I feel better not having to sing it twice—so we have extended it to 10). Anyway, we were excited to show him the monkeys—of course this would be helpful in him understanding why we think he has monkey toes—he seemed to really watch them and they climbed the ropes and moved around a lot when we were there—so he was really entertained. We know Par’s friend Ella likes monkeys too—so we told them she says hello.

The monkeys wore Par out and being snuggled up in a stroller while we tried to figure out where to go was the perfect situation for a nap—so Par zonked out. Thankfully we had a camera to prove to him that he in fact did see the lion…

And some sheep…

I know we’ve talked about Par’s pear tree—well here it is! We hope to take this same picture each year—hopefully Par will grow faster than the tree! He’s been eating a lot and is up to about 10 pounds 5 ozs—YAY PAR!!!

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