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Friday, March 14, 2008

Finally Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is official...we are free of the oxygen. Yep--15 tanks--empty tanks--were picked up from our house today by the home health people and I shipped the regulator we were borrowing back to Gainesville--there is no turning back now--Par is officially off oxygen.

This is a huge step--and we PRAISE God for allowing this step to come so quickly. I wanted to tell every single person I knew about our big news--but how would that happen with me being at home all the time? (well, other than blogging)--Praise God for His gifts--I had to run a few errands tonight and as I drove through our neighborhood I saw people literally "left and right" while driving and I was able to share our good news--it was sort of like I was leading a parade!

Par has been such a good boy--he loves to giggle and we will try to have a video of that up soon. I have been keeping busy with Par--and with my new obsession of buying smocked baby clothes on ebay--$5--yep, that is right--I have snagged some precious outfits for $5--that look like they have never been worn--and I know the retail for close to $45--so for the next few months, most of Par's clothes came off of ebay--so keep that in mind while looking at his pictures--you'll be amazed!!! (but not the pictures today--he is in his pajamas).

Tiffany has learned her place in the food chain--she's an ottoman. Whenever I'm feeding Par, Tiffany sits right next to me and Par kicks his feet up and uses her back as an ottoman. Sometimes he moves around a bit and Tiffany does some deep sighs--almost to say, "Come on Par--stop messing around so we can play." I can already see the relationship forming between them...I know that seems crazy to say--but Par is very entertained by her and she runs up to "kiss" him whenever we come in the door from being out. What about me? well....apparently I don't matter anymore--Tiffany has a new best friend....just wait until Par decides to ride her...she'll come back to me!!!!

Tummy time is getting better. Par didn't complain today as he usually fact, he rolled over and continued to play. Tonight he was just too tired and stayed on his tummy for a while but then just cried for someone to get him.
Our favorite thing right now...sucking our fingers...sometimes all of them but most of the time just 2. How precious is this baby!?!!!!!!!!

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