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Friday, February 29, 2008

catching up...

Thank the Lord for my wonderful husband. I could be a borderline “abuser” of the “I’m holding the baby, could you get such and such for me?” line—I used it when I was pregnant, too. I’m sure Rusty is wondering when it won’t apply—but for now, he treats me like a princess and I’m doing what I can to take care of our precious baby AND make him feel like a King.

Par is doing great! At our doctor's appointment on Monday Par had 4 shots (ouch!!!) He is gaining weight steadily—but we are still trying to “catch up”—so please keep praying for weight gain. He seems like a little boy (instead of a baby) more and more each day—probably because we see his little personality developing. He is very sweet and loves his daddy. He has started to “whimper” when his daddy is home—and only stops once Rusty has picked him up. And then of course, after a while he will frantically start looking for me and crying—so at least he isn’t playing favorites (well, not yet!).

His favorite thing is his bath time. He LOVES it and we have started doing a new thing since we moved to the bath tub. After he is all clean, we take his bath chair out and let him float around in the tub with my hand under his head. It is really hysterical because he acts like we aren’t there and just looks so content (and like such a big boy). He has the perfect little frog kick—seriously, it is perfect—and he kicks back and forth and just floats peacefully around the tub—usually until I think the water is too cold or my arm gets tired. We will definitely take a video and post it once we can do it in a more modest manner (ie-swimsuit) so you can see him.

Par has continued to give us non-stop grins in the morning and throughout the day—and lately we’ve been hearing a little giggle behind the smiles. The only time he gets mad is when we put his nasal cannula on at bedtime—he hates it and pitches a fit. But thankfully, he is easily soothed and usually falls right to sleep. We hope to be rid of the oxygen for good by March 12th—which is just around the corner!

We know we are SO blessed to have such a well tempered baby—especially since I keep getting sick. I’ve been sick with the flu this week—but Par did not get it (the miracles of breastfeeding!)—today is my first fever-free day and thankfully I didn’t feel as run down and achy as I had earlier this week.

We found out a few weeks ago that Par is going to have a new baby cousin in August! We are so excited—he/she will be my brother and sister-in-law’s second child—we can’t wait to meet this little baby! We’ll put up a poll on whether it is a boy or girl after we decide if Sally gets to go to Mongolia—so please vote if you haven’t yet. Speaking of Sal—she’s been home for Spring Break and has spent some quality time with Par. He really likes her but has said if he could vote, he would vote “no.” hmmm…go figure.

Rusty has been working hard—I’m so proud of him—because it has to be hard to leave such a precious little smile in the morning (and me!). He has been great about checking on us—especially since I’ve been sick—but we are REALLY looking forward to this weekend!
Believe it or not—I’ve been doing some work too—slowly getting back to my jewelry business and my new real estate career (I teamed up with my mom Spring 2007—but Par’s issues put it on hold). Par has been a wonderful assistant and has already attended his first closing (in a sling) and has helped show some houses—although he slept through it.

As you may have noticed—we have a fancy new blog header! I know all of the images are self-explanatory—but I wanted to point out the pear tree—for those of you not around during Christmas this year…well, we had a “Par Rich in a pear tree”—thankfully, my aunt and uncle took it a step further and gave us a fruit-bearing pear tree for Christmas which has now been planted in our front yard as of a few weeks ago. We are sure to have many MANY pictures of Par and his pear tree in the future.

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