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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Family of Riches

Yes...we have permanently moved to this new blog address. Par's journey has been nothing short of miraculous and although we would love to continue his blog--the time has come to alter the focus just a tad...not a huge change...just a little one. You see, Par--this wonderful gift from God is part of a "family"--and although Rusty and I are absolutely smitten by this little boy--as Fr. Lowe would say, we need to find balance in our family. Par's recovery is ongoing, we hope that we'll be blessed with more children in the future and well...Tiffany is just getting jealous. So we've started this family blog which allows us to share about all of us--this way you can stay updated on Par's progress--and yes, we plan on posting tons of Par Pics! But also, we can update you on us and Tiffany (who by the way is a FABULOUS big sister!) and share other "fun stuff" going on in the Rich family. I felt a little guilty sharing non-Par information on his blog because I felt like it missed the point of his blog--this way there is still a link to Par's blog for people wanting information on CDH and for those who may want to read his story--his amazing story of survival--Thanks be to God!

As for our family this past totally revolved around the little stinker! He's been eating well--we are still praying for an adequate weight gain. Rusty and I went on a little shopping spree and bought a johnny-jump up and some "tummy time" items to promote strength building activities--he loves his jump-up thing--but not too into the tummy time. He has started taking naps in his baby bed (for those of you who don't know, he sleeps with us at night)--he seems to like his baby bed, but only when he is super tired.

The bathtub that we had was getting difficult to use because Par is so active--he would wiggle so much and get his foot caught in the side so we have moved to a different kind that goes into the tub itself. Par seems to enjoy it.

We have been on many walks lately--morning for breakfast and evening ones for Starbucks--Tiffany has loved leading the way. I hope you enjoy the picture of Par and Tiffany taking a nap together--Tiffy is ALWAYS right beside us when he's nursing--I can tell she is very protective of him already. I wonder if she'll start sleeping in his room when he moves permanently to his baby bed....hmmmm...I guess we'll see!

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