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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Jack!

Happy Birthday, Jack!
I can't believe that just a year ago this precious baby boy was born!!!! I can't remember a time without him--yet....I can't believe it has already been a year!
Jack celebrated his 1st Birthday with his family and friends! We were so sad that Gigi couldn’t make it because she was sick –but thankfully we had a strong showing—because there is a mean virus that has been going around!
And when I say strong showing—well…we had the actual Gingerbread Man show up! Although I really despise “themed” birthdays…I couldn’t help myself with the idea of a “Gingerbread” birthday—especially with Jack having a Christmas-time birthday and his little ginger-colored hair. The Gingerbread man was not well received—actually, the ONLY person that loved the GBM was the birthday boy himself!
We celebrated with a “breakfast for dinner”—complete with a grits bar! So fun (and easy!)
As of a year, Jack is still NOT walking. (lazy baby)....he takes steps--actually, he's been "just about to walk" for a while now--we figure it is faster to flee from Par on all fours!
He doesn't say much these days--which is possibly from his nonstop ear infections that we can't seem to cure...we'll see what 2011 has in store for us...I have a feeling it may be tubes...

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