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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Best Husband EVER!

Happy Birthday to my precious husband, Rusty. I wonderful father, son, friend, husband, uncle, get the point...My prayer is that my sons may grow to be just as extraordinary. I praise God for being able to love you forever. I love you.

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A simple being said...

i jsut wanted to take the moment to let you know that i am thinking of your and your family as the day draws closer to meeting your new little guy...i have watched par grwo and am so happy that your pregnacy this go around ahs been so normal, but as a post cdh mother myself until this little person is in your arms you wont know how long you actually were holding your breath, wow i can hardly beleive that he will be here soon...want some advice? sleep girl, sleep like you never have slept before, my youngest was 1 and 1/2 when my girls cam along and i htought we would be in good shape but all it did was sllow her to grow leaps and bounds at the very moment i would be tied up feeding or changing...and par being a monkey, lets just say i'll add some prayers for saftey and patience your way