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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Family of Riches!

Yep...our family began four years ago today when Rusty and I married each other! So much has happened in such a short time--and boy has it been an adventure! Starting with our honeymoon that Hurricane Wilma decided to crash (literally) we spent 4 days fleeing home--quite a start to a marriage, huh! Little did we know that the Lord was just prepping our skills for dealing with each other in the midst of traumatic events! Just after our 1st year of marriage, we found out we were expecting our first son Par and we decided to move to a new house in a precious little neighborhood with lots of kids--and just as we signed the contract, we found out about his devastating diagnosis of CDH. Again, an exciting event (being pregnant) turned traumatic as we scrambled to find the best chance for our baby--which inevitably took us to Gainesville, Florida. So, our 2nd anniversary was spent apart--Rusty in Birmingham and me in Gainesville (with my mom, Rusty came a week later) awaiting the arrival of our son. After three months in Gainesville (but only 2 months after Par's birth) we headed home. Just as we were getting settled back into Birmingham, I checked into the hospital for a week with a kidney infection--and took our little baby with me! Thankfully the next six months remained free from any sort of life changing events--and soon after Rusty and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary, and a few weeks later, Par turned one. Actually, that was pretty traumatic--our little boy was growing up so fast! No worries, just a few months later Rusty and I found out we were again expecting a baby! Thankfully, this new little boy seems completely healthy! So here we are...our 4th Anniversary...Par is about to turn 2...I'm about to give birth to our second son...I couldn't have planned it better myself! Praise God for His blessings on our family--praise God for the covenant of marriage--praise God for the blessings of children. And finally, praise God for the support we have recieved from our family and friends for the past 4 years.
Precious Rusty,I love you so much and I thank you for loving me.


Allison said...

Congrats. It is hard to believe it has been 4 years

Sally said...

you are beautiful

Anonymous said...

GOD IS GREAT! Here's to many more years of happiness!

Debbie Bennett

lynne said...

Happy anniversary Liz and Rusty! I can't believe it has already been four years! Congrats!