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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Par!

Has it really been 2 years already!?!
As I type this--ripe with child--I wonder, where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday Rusty and I were anxiously awaiting Par's arrival. I was terrified I would give birth on Halloween--I really didn't want a Halloween baby--but Rusty was confident it would be November 1st, All Saints Day. I went into labor that night--and delivered by c-section just after noon on November 1st--and Rusty was right.
You can look back here and take a look back at Par's 1st birthday...but now I want to tell you a little bit about my 2 year old baby...or, I guess my 2 year old child...
Par loves to request things--Peanut Butter and Jelly, Mama? Grilled Cheese, Mama? Ten Cookies, Mama? He always says "Thank you" and randomly will apologize "I sorry, Daddy" for no reason. He loves being naked and takes his clothes off all the time--he also loves to potty around the house once naked--and he isn't afraid to do #1 or #2. He is sleeping in a big boy bed and loves his routine at night. He turns off the lights on the way to his room and then we bless him and he blesses us. Then we say the "Our Father" and then he starts to "God Bless" family and friends. Rusty slips out and we start singing--he loves me to sing Angel of God, Twinkle, Edelweiss, Farmer in the Dell, Jesus Loves Me, and a song I made up that says "It is time to go to sleep my friend, Goodnight Par"....He calls the songs the following: Angel Ga, Twinkee Star, Edelvist, Farmer Dell, Jesus Love and Friends...although, it is cuter when he says them in person.
He still loves his bath time--and he is very much a morning person! He is up at the crack of dawn ready to watch a little toddler TV and eat breakfast--we are still asleep--so he does it solo. He takes one hardy nap in the afternoon--usually after some good playing at the park, library or in our front yard. He seems to understand that we are having a baby and that "Jack" is in my tummy---but if you ask him his own name he will respond quickly with "Names Jack" and we will have to say, "NO...your name" and he will say "Names Par"...but it does sound a little like Paul when he says it. Par has had all of his teeth for a while now, and for the past few weeks his 2 year molars have been coming in which has left a permanent stream of drool running down his mouth.
Par's favorite thing right now.....TRAINS! He loves any sort of transportation--especially fire trucks (he thinks the Coca-cola delivery truck is a fire truck)--he is obsessed with trains and lining them up. He loves to jump and hop--he jumps off most anything (steps, chairs, sofas, etc.) and hops most of the time I'm trying to walk somewhere while holding his hand. He attempts to answer the phone when it rings,still uses pretty advanced bargaining techniques, he is very willing to converse and use big boys words, although sometimes his responses to our questions make little sense, he has started rolling his eyes, he finally understands time out and that it isn't really a good thing--but still happily sits in the chair and waits for the time out clock to go off. He remembers ALL of his little friends' names--which is pretty amazing to me--and he will sporadically start talking about them. He associates places we frequent with people we see there--for example, the icecream store: Uncle Joe; Zoe's Restaurant: Boo; Tot Lot: Isabelle; St. Paul's: Brendan & Brice....When he hears a plane, firetruck or a train he will stop what he is doing look at me and say in a sing songy voice, "I hear a choo choo train!" (or plane, firetruck, etc.) He counts to 20...but will not say the number FOUR--no matter what we do--he refuses to say 1, 2, 3, I guess really, he can only count to 3.

He had a Willy Wonka themed birthday party on Halloween(as you can see from the pictures) and he loved being an Oompah Loompah and sort of could sing the song. We had some friends and family come to celebrate with us--Par seemed to love being the center of attention! Especially from his super duper grandparents--all of which dressed up for him! (yes, we know...that means true love!) you may know...I really feel celebrating on your actual birthday is really after Rusty and Big D returned from Talladega, we celebrated again on his real birthday with just us and the grandparents! He loved all of his presents...but his favorite--his train set!

I'm including the same slideshow above also below so we can look back on it...


Rhonda Hennessy said...

I'm so sad we missed such a FUN party!! I love all the costumes!

A simple being said...

hey liz, i can not beleive that it has been two years! wow. i have been lurking on par since your journey to shands two years and a few months ago...i found par's story after looking into shands prior to us finding help for aubrey, i have so many regrets to this day that we didnt go there, but i have to beleive that god wanted things to go the way they did so with that i just struggle with the so happy for your guys that this pregnacy was so boring although im sure it was hard to convience yourself that everything is okay sometimes, i have 1 year old twin girls who were born 11 days after aubrey and anneleise was 11 days short of her 2 years old birthday and im here to tell you that somedays are very hard but many of the days are so full of funny craziness and moments that they will sustain you thorugh the storm take care just wanted to let you know that im hoping and praying that everything goes as you wish and that this little guy is only slightly as independent as par know so you can have some control every one and a while, wow how he has grown!

A simple being said...

i keep checking in on you guys i just know he has to come sooner of later...well i guess jack already knows par's story so im thinking he is trying to drum up some excitement for himslef...just hope you make it to the hospital in time! wow that would be a story huh? hope your resting getting some one on one with the way how is tiffany? haven't seen any crazy stories about her as of late, or like my cats has she sensed the changes and taken to higher grounds?

b said...

How fun!! I had a couple of friends who likewise dressed as Willie Wonka and an Oompah Loompah for Halloween this year. You all looked great - that's a really good look for Rusty and I'll have to remember to refer to you as Violet from now on. What'd Par think of his green hair? I think it is ADORABLE! And btw: Although I can only recall seeing your sister-in-law a time or two, when I saw Princess Elizabeth in the pics just now, there was NO DOUBT who her mom is - she looks just like her!! Wow!

Happy belated birthday Par - it really doesn't seem that two years could have passed since I followed the days leading up to your birth and the miracle that is you that has emerged.

And I MUST say Liz, hurry it up already so we can welcome Jack into the world!! You know what an obsessive I can be, so I'm really wearing out my mouse finger, constantly checking for his arrival (and I thought I checked a lot waiting for Tiffany to have her pups!!).

b said...

And oh yeah, I forgot to mention in my last novel length comment - Willie Wonka is Jeff's all time favorite movie. We watch it at least 5 times per year!