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Saturday, August 1, 2009

An Adventurous Spirit

I often must remind myself that Par is only 1.5 years old--his adventurous spirit is really quite amazing-- Rusty and I know that this will only get more "exciting"...but you have got to watch this--we did not coax him into doing this--he did it all on his own! First he pulled the trash can over and then climbed up (which is where we found him)--Rusty then went to get his camera and Par just walked right back in and did it again! Needless to say, we have moved the trash can.

For a while now I have been taking Par over to Snoozy's Kids in Crestline after we eat at Zoe's to play with the train table. He gets so excited. Now when I pull into the parking lot he starts saying "Choo Choo! Choo Choo!" I'm glad he likes it--I'm even happier that as of right now, it isn't hard to leave the trains behind. I tell him to say "bye bye" and he does and then we leave. Hopefully the trains and train table can just remain a fun outing (meaning, I don't think I want one for the house). Anyway, although Par does seem to gravitate more to cars when given the option of train-v-car, he still gets excited about trains. He had never seen a real one until tonight. We had a pizza picnic in the rain by the train tracks just praying a train would come roaring by. We were there for a while--we ate pizza, Par played in the rain and then just as we were about to leave (because it was literally POURING) we heard a train coming! Par got pretty excited...the conductor even waved his arm out the window and blew his horn as he went roaring past us!

Baby Boy #2 as been moving around like crazy lately. Par loves to come pat my tummy and say "Baby! Baby" and then give my belly a kiss. Precious! He had me convinced that he "got it" when it came to me having a baby. I realize that when the baby actually gets here I would have to explain that to him--but for now, I was happy that he seemed to understand I had a baby in my belly. He has had me convinced since May--but then yesterday when Rusty was with him, Par pointed to Rusty's stomach and said "Baby!"--Okay, so he's a tad confused....and then tonight, he started patting his own belly saying "Baby! Baby!" I think we can safely say--Par associates all tummies with a baby. not be offended if when he sees you he pats your belly and says "Baby!"--I'm quite sure it is nothing personal.

Par starts "school" this Monday! While Par won't actually be going to school until next year (because of the continued risk of germs)we will be starting a simple little curriculum based on learning a letter each week. It will be just like what we do already (color, read, go to the library, play outside, etc.) but with a tiny bit of structure. It also incorporates counting, shapes, colors and skills such as tracing (with finger or crayon), glueing and sorting. Again, things we already do, but this will just give us a tiny bit of structure. I'm sad that he won't get to experience school like most of his friends--but we know that it is best for him--with our last year of Synagis shots ahead of us, we don't want to do anything to jeopardize his health. And Dr. Kays said that a school setting still isn't the best idea for him and if we can wait one more year then we should. So until then, we'll make the most at home--and we will still be able to enjoy Mother Goose Storytime each Wednesday at the library and our playgroups. So this Monday we are starting with the letter A. Enjoy this favorite part of kindergarten was this show...


brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

I love the "me" and "mini me" tees! He's getting so big and grown up. I can't wait for more pictures.

Betsy Dellinger said...

Lovin the video of Par brushing his teeth! I'm glad you love his adventurous nature because that's life with two boys...I love it too!! I am entertained by the messes they get long as we can stay safe from this point forward? But, I mean, how cute is he when he is digging his little feet into the crevices of the cabinet to get some footing to hoist himself up...that's great!!