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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Loving the Summer

My pregnancy is going well--praise God. We had our big ultrasound at my regular OB this past week--still a boy! I am measuring perfectly and everything seems to be going fine. Thankfully, I have had plenty of energy lately as it seems someone slipped our son a new battery--he is faster, happier, funnier, stinkier, etc. This wouldn't be such a big deal if he wasn't so darn independent! We have had several instances when adults (ADULTS!!!) have seen Par coming their way and actually opened a door for him or stepped out of his way---ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! I guess they didn't notice the crazy mother running after him trying to get him to stop. One such incident could have been traumatic--we were eating lunch at Chick-fila and tossing our trash when Par headed towards the door--you know, the door that opens right into the drive-thru. This woman smiled and opened the door for him. Rusty went running after him and I just stared at her in disbelief. She looked at me in her own disbelief and said "I don't know why I did that--he just looked like he knew where he was going. I am so sorry." Tell me this--how does a BABY look like he knows where his is going when it involves CARS. She felt horrible--and Par was fine...but this happens a lot. And before anyone emails me advice, no--we will not be putting him on a leash.
But Par's independece is pretty innocent. He loves to play outside, and for the most part, there isn't much he can get into outside. Sometimes I'll hear him walk into the kitchen and then the doggie door will make the "swish" sound and then low and behold, there is my baby playing outside. He probably thinks that is how you get in and out--duh! that's how the dogs do it! Lately it has become a bit of a problem if I am doing dishes at night--he'll disappear out the doggie door after a bath and then come in dirty and wet--not cool. So why do we let him do this? I'm not sure...I guess mainly because I can't see the point of not letting him--the child is able to open doors easily and for all I know he can use a key and set the alarm on his way out!
As we have expressed before, our faith is very important to us--we make a point to talk about Jesus quite often. Each night after his bath, Par will grab his crucifix off the wall, say "Nigh-nigh Jesus" and then kiss him right on the head. He'll then shove it into my face to do the same and then put Jesus back on the wall. When we go to mass, he gets SO EXCITED to see "big Jesus" behind the altar and will point and say happily "big Jesus! big Jesus! Hey big Jesus!" I know for sure, this is the child-like love that Christ talks about--and we learn a lot about that from Par. If all of that isn't sweet/cute enough--we have noticed a strange occurrence in our house lately. You see, each time we enter the sanctuary, we dip our fingers into the holy water and cross ourselves. We have made a point to include Par in this from his very beginning. He always smiles--and we pray silently that this holy water may keep him quiet and still for the next hour--but that is a different story altogether. So...lately...our saintly son will wander into a bathroom, lift up the toilet seat, dip his fingers in the water, touch his fingers to his forehead and then walk away. The first few times I saw this I was quick to say "No Par! don't play in the toilet!"--but then I realized what he was doing and my heart melted. No--our toilet water isn't holy--nor do I feel it could ever represent the living waters of baptism--but the act itself is so innocent--so precious that again I praise God for our little miracle. Our friend Father Donohoe was in town recently and we relayed the story to him hoping that us enjoying this childhood act of innocence wasn't a sacrilege--of course, his response--"Sounds like you need a holy water font in your house." Easy enough. But that wouldn't be quite as endearing, would it?

I feel our second son kick more and more--mostly about the time I climb into bed. I feel a certain bond with this child--being a second child myself. I look at my husband who is also a second child--but he and I are quite different. I am more "typical" of the second child...Rusty is more like a first child (could be the larger age difference between him and his brother)--and I wonder--where will this child will fall? Par is far from being a first child with how wild and crazy he is--but he does has 1st born qualities--he is stubborn and quite independent--but this second child may put him to shame ! (Lord, I pray that if this is the case--may you give me strength and patience to tame the wild monkeys).

We don't have a name yet--although we still have a lot of the same ones from when we were deciding on Par's own name. We talk about it--but not in any sort of decisive way right now--we're just taking it easy--I'm sure we'll name him soon enough...and of course, we'll let you know when we do. Feel free to leave suggestions.
Life has been pretty good since we returned from our beach trip--Par was able to spend some quality time with his cousins over the 4th--Boo and Sir had us down for a long weekend--the guys (sans Par) played golf, while the rest of us went swimming or sat in time out for hitting or throwing toys. The food was delicious--and although nothing beats spending the weekend with Boo and Sir--it was also nice to have my sister Sally there too! We miss Sal SOOOO much--or as Par says, Aunt Sassy--which couldn't be further from the truth--Sal is way more crunchy than sassy... (I'm sure I'll get an email about that comment--but my filter has been down these past few weeks-- so I'm just going to leave it and deal with the consequences :) I love you aunt scrunchy!)

It is really hot and sticky here--I'm begging for the fall to finally get here! OH...I almost forgot...huge update....remember when my Aunt Lissy and her family gave us a pear tree for Christmas 2007? Sure you do! Check it out in the slideshow. Well, we are about to have our first harvest--this little baby pear tree is covered in pears! YAY!

We really enjoyed Mary Lynne's baptism...see pictures here.

I don't know if I have mentioned this before...but I am not afraid to go shopping on the side of the road. My first memory of this was in college when my roommate and I found wood pallets in the garbage of the Physical Plant on campus--to us, they were perfect headboards for our room! Since then, I have kept my eyes pealed for treasures! I found some great outdoor furniture around the corner, when the people moved out next door to us they left us cushions that fit perfectly! About a month ago I took a detour and found a BRAND NEW (okay, barely used...or only used in doors) Cozy Coupe for Par! I also love craigslist--but that does cost money (even if it is still a great deal...I just prefer free. Plus, I change my mind about things (rearrange/toss out) so quickly that it is usually better if I haven't really invested in it. Anyway, I have been wanting a slide for Par. We don't have room in our backyard for a swingset/slide combo--plus, I love going to the park(s) so I really had my mind set on a single slide. But come on! Have you seen them--they are are incredibly wimpy looking--not steep or fast--and I am sure you can appreciate the fact that our little monkey needs more than a 10 degree incline to keep him occupied and having fun. I had told my mom and Rusty in conversation that I was on the lookout (meaning on the side of the road) for a slide. a side note there is a look that Rusty gives that is part of why I fell in love with him--the glance of the eyes and the crook of his mouth in this perfect combination--I love seeing it...but I don't see it very often and I am yet to capture it on camera--but it might be my favorite look that he gives. Well...we were driving down Euclid Avenue and I spot it--A SLIDE! I look at Rusty and THAT LOOK comes over his face! He pulls over and graciously loads the slide-the look reappears a few more times as we continue home...we got Par's slide! The one I had just mentioned to Rusty a few days earlier! Funny thing is, Par's favorite outside toys (other than the rocks on the pathway) are the slide and the cozy coupe--and they were both free! And in case you are wondering, we donate to the side of the road shoppers too. Nothing like putting something you don't need anymore on the side of the road and it disappearing within an hour or so! Enjoy pictures of Par and Violet sliding in the slide show!

OH....and I almost forgot this too!!! I thought I might mention the "outfit" Par is wearing while playing on the slide. THOSE ARE HIS PAJAMAS! The night before Par WOULD NOT go to sleep without his shoes and socks on. I'm not kidding--he was crying HYSTERICALLY--"Shoe mama! Shoe mama!" and when I got them he screamed "No...sock mama and shoe mama!" So I realized he wanted to wear them---to sleep. Whatever. I put them on and he fell right to sleep. So when I went to sleep I lovingly removed them--I can't really let him sleep in shoes--can I? At 5am....screaming for his shoes and socks again. So Rusty put them back on...and he was ready to 7am...or whatever time--all I know, it was early.


Sally said...

was that supposed to be a insult to my hair or something?

The Griffin Family said...

I had so much fun reading this! I hope my son is all 'boy' like Par, I think it sound tiring but hysterical! My family is Catholic, and my neice would call the statue of Christ Big Man, and would put her hand flat into the holy water nomatter how often we showed her "gentle fingers". He's so sweet! I'm sitting here in the Ronald Mcdonald house, with just two weeks to go! :) Your blog gave me so much insight into what to prepare for, I am grateful! Anyways, congrats on being halfway done with a low-stress pregnancy. God Bless!