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Friday, June 5, 2009

What would you think...

...If you had to wait 181 more days to find out if our precious baby
is a boy or a girl? Could you handle it?

I went to my OB today...whether or not we are having a boy or a girl--
we know one thing for sure-- we are having another monkey...this baby
was literally flipping so fast that getting the heart rate was a
As for any CDH far so good!

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Anonymous said...

We say it's a GIRL!!! James says you deserve a girl!! Is that good or bad?:)

J, Z, & E Morris

Vicki Jensen said...

I didn't know you were expecting again. Congrats! We're also eagerly awaiting baby #2 (a girl). Best of luck for a great and most importantly - uneventful pregnancy!


tarheelmom said...

No, we could never wait. We didn't want to. But it's great that everyone has a choice! I thought it would be a girl at first, but now I'm thinkin' boy. Maybe I'll get a better idea if we get to see ya'll this weekend!
Leslee & family

Jordan, Claire, and Max said...

That would be so hard!! Oh my gosh...I couldn't even imagine. I heard that they sell a test now that you can take at home to tell the gender. I guess it is 80% accurate if you guys wanted to have some kind of idea. :)