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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Are you lying to me?


Par was up pretty early playing and then crawled back in the bed and with a trail of stinkyness. I looked at him and asked, "Do you have a poopy diaper?" and he shook his head from side to side to indicate no. I said, "Are you lying to me?" and he replied with a roar, a lying's roar, that is. And for those of you confused, lying= lion to a 19 month old baby. Rusty and I both cracked up laughing.

We have had a really busy summer already! Par's Big D and Minnie came to visit--so of course we headed to the zoo and the carousel (thanks to last time!) We had a great time--and of course, we were able to take our annual picture of the boys on the tractor at the zoo.

Then of course, we celebrated a very important day, my 31st birthday! My sister made the cake--it was DELICIOUS! It was also my niece/godchild's HALF birthday, so she was able to blow out 3.5 candles first!

We headed to the beach in Fort Morgan the next day--the first time in YEARS! The last time Rusty and I went to the beach was on our honeymoon--which we had to evacuate because of Hurricane Wilma--and then we had our 3 month hotel stay while Par was in the hospital--so needless to say this real trip was a long time coming. It was perfect!
We were both able to completely relax and enjoy our little family. We rented the house on pretty short notice so we weren't certain what we were in store for--but we plan to stay there again next year--we loved it that much! We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner on our deck overlooking the water--we definitely felt like we were in paradise. I'm not sure if Tiffany and Violet felt the same way, but I do think they enjoyed the change of atmosphere. Take a look at Par seeing the ocean for the first time...

Par's Gigi got to come for a total of 24 hours (we are so thankful she made the drive) and FINALLY Gigi agreed that our sugar white beaches on the gulf are prettier than the beaches on the Atlantic. That was also a long time coming. Thank you very much.

Par was really funny at the beach--he started making up songs to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"---like "Crabby Crabby Little Crabby" in reference to his crab float that he fell asleep in while relaxing in the ocean waves. The last morning there, Rusty and I awoke to Par sitting between us shouting at 7:30 AM, "Crabby! Crabby! Crabby!"---all he wanted to do was get in his crab float--so at 8:30 am, we headed down for one last swim before we headed home (aren't we sweet parents!)

After a rather quick ride home (thanks to John Grisham's Associate) we unpacked and rested--or we tried to....
We headed over to Gigi's house to see Par's second cousins (or would they be second cousin once removed--they are the children of Rusty's first cousin--so enlighten me if you know the exact relation) that had been visiting Rusty's grandmother while we were at the beach. Par had a blast running around with the older two (chasing and being chased!)--and we loved meeting their new addition!

So...we have THE BIG ULTRASOUND on Monday. I say "big ultrasound" because it is the first ultrasound with the high-risk doctors at Kirklin Clinic/UAB--and we hope to learn that everything is in the right place (ie- no signs of CDH)...although, it doesn't mean we are in the clear if everything looks perfect because herniation can happen later on in pregnancy--as my ultrasound tech chimed last time "up until a week before you deliver!"--so this may not be a worry free pregnancy, but I'll take it day by day (or ultrasound by ultrasound)--so we would appreciate prayers for our precious little baby...and who knows...we may just know the gender by Monday afternoon....or not....hmmmmm.....we'll just have to see.


tarheelmom said...

good luck on the ultrasound...prayers are coming your way. love the pic on the beach! we had fun with par...glad the cousins got to play!
the basingers

Cindy said...

Happy birthday! I'm sending some prayers your way regarding your ultrasound.

Par is so cute playing in the ocean for the first time. We are headed to Fort Morgan next weekend and I'm so excited to see Claire's reaction to the beach. We last took her when she was 3 months old.