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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2009!
Wow. (cliche' alert) Another year come and gone--life sure does go by so fast!
We enjoyed having a end of the 2008 dinner with our neighbor's the Costanzo's--it was Par's first date with their precious little girl Julia--fully chaperoned of course! There was some hugging action--and some interesting "affection" being shown (Par's famous push and sit move--push her down then sit on her stomach) but all with lots of love.
We watched a variety of countdowns on TV--but had a low key ringing in of 2009.
So what does 2009 have in store for the FOR?
Well...not Bentos.
Does 2009 offer consistent updates?
Quite that my darling husband has equipped me with the most beautiful laptop in midnight blue with ALL--yes ALL the keys on the keyboard...I pronised him I would take such good care of it and not let that little guy with sticky hands near it...I pronise. So--that means that I do have the necessary computer to update--and I plan to...we also have a camera for the house now--so I can capture all the moments of Par being absolutely adorable while Rusty is at work. YAY!
Does 2009 offer an even healthier Par?
We are very hopeful--we praise God for Par's continued health! We head to Gainesville for Par's year check up (a year since we saw Dr. Kays' last)in February and we are really looking forward to hearing how Par is doing--because as far as we are concerned--he's been doing great--aside from his little cold in mid-December. I ask that you will pray with us asking specifically that Par's check-up will just amaze Dr. Kays--that his lungs will look AMAZING on the xray--so much that we need not be quite so protective of him around other children. Thank you for your constant prayers for our son--they mean so much to our family.
So...a new year...2009...our little family...Rusty, me,par, tiffany and violet (did I mention violet before? I can't remember--she's the puppy we kept for par)...I pray that everyone gets potty-trained this year (Par and Violet)and you know what--I pray for a better crop season (last year was just pathetic)...with much faith, I planted some kitchen herbs today...I'll keep you posted on how they are doing...
Also...I'll now be able to update while on the go--and with pictures too! They'll probably be short and sweet...but hopefully that will help with the postings!!!
Thank you Lord for 2008 and praise you for our new start in 2009!!!
By the way--our tree is still your tree?


tarheelmom said...

Glad you all had a great holiday. We hope Par has a healthy new and Rusty, too. We look forward to more frequent posts and hope you will enjoy some of ours! Have a great New Year!
The Basingers in NC

Cindy said...

Par made a very cute elf, and I love his toolbelt! I'm glad you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and pray that his lungs are HUGE on his upcoming x-ray.

Anonymous said...

Is that new laptop equipped with two N's, with the extra one replacing M? hehe

Nice to see you are all still in existence.