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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

Our celebration started on Christmas Eve with a lunch with Rusty's mom and grandmother. Gigi showered us with lots of lovely gifts--and of course---went over the top with fun toys for Par.

We headed home for a short break and then stopped by to see my mom's side of the family (extended family) and then home to prepare a delicious dinner for just the three of us..well...and our "ladies in waiting" (Tiffany and Violet). We headed to Midnight Mass (our own little family tradition) where my sister Sally and my mom and dad met us (which was a nice surprise!). Par did not appreciate the Mass being so late and decided to "talk" during most of it--which had Rusty and me taking turns holding him in the vestibule...I guess that is what we get for taking a baby to midnight Mass...but well worth it if you ask me.
We made it home and got in the bed by about 3:00AM...and then woke up around 8:30am--and low and behold--HE CAME!!!! SANTA CAME!!!!
In a quick reflection...this time last year we were celebrating in the NICU--who would have thought that just a year later our little boy would be running in to the living room to see what Santa brought him!?!
So what did Santa bring?
A broom and a mop--it sounds so depressing doesn't it? Par LOVES my mop and broom and so we knew that asking Santa for one just his size would be so exciting! Par seemed a little confused about the "staged toys" but started playing with them--and then he found his tool belt in his stocking--he was just the cutest wearing it around!!!!
While Par played with toys, I set out coffee, juice and Liz's Christmas Morning Family Tradition Bread to nibble on...and then the grandparents started arriving! Par put on a show for them by dancing--which included a full spin (we have no idea where he learned that move)! We really enjoyed our relaxing morning! Later in the evening we saw my Dad's side of the family (extended) and then headed to my parents' house for a Christmas Dinner with my parents and siblings--and Par's 2 cousins. It was a lot of fun--we exchanged gifts--and again, Par was showered with lots of toys.
We had about a 24 hour break and then Rusty's dad, stepmom and uncle arrived--again--gifts in tow. I was glad they got to see Par opening and playing with gifts--I know it is hard for them to be so far away...but we had a lot of fun hanging out while they were here. Rusty was able to have some good one-on-one time with his dad--they went to the Papa John's Bowl here in Birmingham and played some golf--thankfully the weather was nice.

So lots of talk about Santa, gifts, food, family, ect...but our little family has been very mindful of this Advent Season (or as mindful as possible) and we've been having our own reading of scripture and lighting of the Advent wreath as well as reading and adding to our Jessie Garland (Jessie Tree)--it has been one of the most precious Advent Seasons I have ever experienced...and I looked forward to each lighting/reading each night...I know I will miss it after the Christmas season ends...but I know it is a new tradition our family will enjoy each year. We are so thankful for the birth of our King--we know it is threw Him that we have eternal life--we pray everyone accepts the gift of Jesus this Christmas.

So now the secular excitement has died down--I see trees in the gutters awaiting Wednesday pickup--no longer do streets sparkle with Christmas hope or does joyful noise come from our car stereos...but there are still many days of Christmas left...I intend to keep celebrating...I'm keeping my tree up until the 12 day of Christmas this year--I challenge you to do the same!

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