Par & Jack Pics...(updated 11/26/11))

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm right here...have been all along...sorry...

I appreciate all of the emails wondering where I've been lately...I've neglected my blog(s) and my family of bloggers--my sincerest apologies. short, I've been chasing Par. Many times I sat down and started a blog entry and then I would become distracted and would promise myself I would come back to it--and then when I did, it was all old news and so I would start another entry--only to have the same thing happen.
Seriously, this is all that is going on. I wish I could say there was something more interesting/dramatic keeping me away from the blogging world--maybe some day...

The puppies are a mess. My day is consumed by chasing Par and taking the puppies outside to potty.
Funny thing...after doing this so many times, Par has started "going" on command--so we got him a little potty--he has used it only a few times--we aren't rushing anything--just letting him play--plus, I'd rather him play with a toy potty than flush ours a zillion times a day (his new favorite thing to do while I'm in the shower).
Par has 5 teeth now--and he is very good at chewing--he has a great little appetite and loves to eat his breakfast, lunch and dinner....and lots of snacks!

Although not much is going on here with the FoR right now, I do want to share something with you...a word...faithful.

I wish I could say that word is an accurate description of me--and although I try--I am often times not faithful to those I love in regards to love, trust, understanding, etc. What is comforting, God is faithful--ALWAYS--no matter how I act in return.

Rusty and I have been battling insurance companies for over a year now. It has been overwhelming--thankfully, it wasn't even on my radar while Par was in the NICU--but as soon as we returned to Birmingham, the bills started arriving--all of the bills--we found out after the fact that we were NOT covered for me or Par. It was quite unsettling--although, we still would have gone to Dr. Kays even if we had known we weren't covered--but we would have been able to prepare better.

Thankfully God had instilled in me the presence of mind to document any/all contact with our insurance company before I had Par and I had the name(s) of the people who had confirmed that we would be considered "In Network"--thus, being covered under the care of Dr. Kays. Apparently, someone (at the insurance company) changed their mind on October 31, 2007 and never contacted us. This decision ended with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills arriving at our home.

I was diligent in my letters and hundreds of phonecalls to the insurance company--it was annoying/aggravating--but seeing how hard my husband works for our little family each day (and night) there was no way I could just throw my hands up and say "I give up!" Through much prayer, I was resolved that we had in fact been wronged because they (the insurance company) had told us one thing yet done something completely different. Our efforts in overturning this decision had been denied over and over again--I had sent an appeal to the "top" and again been denied. I was told I had one last appeal before they would consider it closed. We really didn't know what to do--do we get a lawyer? Do we pay the hospital (who was calling weekly to collect their money at this point)--do we return Par to Dr. Kays and tell him we are sorry, we can't afford him anymore?
So, some weeks ago I called the insurance company to ask them more about this final appeal--apparently I was supposed to receive an actual denial letter in the mail with final appeal instructions. Having not received a letter, I contacted the insurance company again and I spoke to the girl and she was like "I remember writing your denial letter--I know I mailed it to you"--she was nice and asked if she
could call me back. She called me back and said "Mrs. Rich, I am so sorry--this has never happened before--but we found your file--it is
empty." I was shocked--started to cry--all my hard work in vein. She
said that every appeal, letter, email, fax, phone call--it was like it
never happened--my file is there--but the contents are missing. Missing? She
said she remembered my most recent appeal letter because I had
included a picture of Par. She told me to fax a copy of my most recent appeal letter over to her again and she'd send it through again and explain that all the supporting
documentation has been misplaced. I faxed it over and called every other day for 3 weeks. Then,I spoke to the supervisor--she informed we we had been approved for in network--so we are covered 100%. I started crying tears of joy right then...God is faithful. GOD IS FAITHFUL! (Sidenote: for those of you who have read The Shack and are aware of the controversy surrounding the idea of whether God can put a note in your mailbox--I am here to tell you--He can! He can take a denial letter too--and empty a file at an insurance company...praise the Mystery of our Father!)

This very same day, we found out about not being covered with Par's Synagis shot--I was so thankful for God's gift but I felt like "here we go again!"--very frustrating--and this isn't even the same insurance company....and quickly I fell into the unfaithful category--not trusting our Father--who I know will take care of me.
I felt so two faced--I had just been praising God and reprimanding myself for ever doubting that he would take care of us--and then just minutes later I fell into the doubt and worry that can easily drown you if you aren't careful.

Well...this would be too depressing if I wasn't able to tell you the good news--Par has been approved for Synagis! We found out this week! They will be administering his Synagis each month at home for extra precaution. Praise God Praise God Praise God!!!

So...I don't have any insurance people to call right now...and the puppies will probably have new homes by this time next I'm going to feel like I have nothing going on pretty soon--then I'll be better about updating...but then again, the holidays will be upon us...yikes...anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed and that life is just flying by?????

Rusty and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on October 15th--but only the second time to celebrate together...this time last year I was in Gainesville and he was in Birmingham still...this time last year I was sleeping in a nest of 8 pillows--and still not able to get comfy...and then when I did, I would have to go to the it strange that I really miss that?

Par's birthday is upon us...we are so excited--although we don't know how to blow out candles, I figured I could just get him to run past his cake and hopefully his draft would put the candle out--he is pretty fast these days!

We celebrated Rob's 1st birthday today (Rob is one of Par's friends)--he was precious and LOVED his cake--it was so cute!!!!!!!!

I know, I want to see pictures of everyone--Par, Tiffy, the puppies....well...they are coming...I promise...let us finish the weekend...and you are sure to get lots of pictures...

By the way...I want you to email me pictures of your bentos...seriously...don't you want a prize? Or...just take a picture of your breakfast or lunch--and call it a bento--you still could get a prize...(i am making this so easy for you)...

And we have a you know, Par is getting a puppy for his 1st birthday--which one (of our litter) will he get? Leave your guess in the comments section...and any name ideas are welcome too!!!!!


Fer said...

It's so good to hear from you! I'm glad they approved Par's shot, those are great news! and I'm so sorry that you have been dealing with the insurance issue for so long.

The pictures of the puppies are adorable!!!!!!

Vicki Jensen said...

I was so stressed out just reading about the fiasco with the insurance companies. I'm so glad it all worked out. Jack got denied Synagis too but we are sending his pulmonologist after them..haha!

I can't believe Par is going to be 1. He seems to be so far ahead developmentally. What a blessing!

PS: the puppies are so cute!!

Ole Miss Mom said...

The puppies are SO CUTE!! They are pretty tough at this age though..and messy. We had 5 poodle pups a few years ago...I was glad to return to normal after they all had homes!

Praise God about the insurance! Battling with them can be awful! So neat you felt the need to document everything! I'll keep that in mind!!!

Cindy said...

Happy anniversary!

Wow, I can't believe all that you have gone through with your insurance company. I would have DIED had I gotten bills like that in the mail. I'm glad they finally got their act together.

I still don't know if Claire has been approved by our insurance company for Synagis this winter. She hasn't been denied yet, but they are being incredibly slow in deciding. If they do approve her (which I'm doubting) it probably won't be in time for her to get an October dose.

Tricia said...

Hi, Dotty! What an incredible story! I love "the empty file." I bet that office will be talking about that file for some time! Hahaha

Par is adorable. I love the proud impish grin. He had FUN with that TP roll huh?

He is a walking--er, strike that--running miracle!

Dawn T. said...

I'm so happy to read Par is doing so well! He is just too cute and so are those puppies!

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RichardsFamilyof4 said...

for the love liz! wow, how frustrating...i am so glad everything has worked out. the puppies are adorable....loved the pics!

wouldn't you like to know (bet ya do) said...

Bet he gets the one with white and caramel coloring.