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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Feast of Guardian Angels

Today is the Feast Day of Guardian Angels--I've always believed strongly that God has sent angels to guard and protect me...for a long time I have said the nightly prayer:
Angel of God
My guardian dear
To whom God's love
Commits thee here
Ever this day
Be at my side
To light and guard
To rule and guide.

In fact, it has been put to music by a contemporary artist---I have the tune stuck in my head by Nicholas Abraham--anyway, I sing this prayer to Par each night.
We know that Par has had an army of angels around him since his conception--we praise God for this gift of comfort--it was a comfort to me when I watched him suffer at times--we fervently pray that every baby suffering is comforted by angels through the everlasting Love of Our Father in Heaven.

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