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Saturday, March 29, 2008

You won't believe this--

But Par can stand by himself! (seriously, no hands--he seems just as surprised as us!)
It is especially important that I post this ASAP because of the "Holiday" coming up in a few days--thankfully, Rusty was able to capture the moment!

(This is just before the picture above--clearly Par was getting his game on with that serious look)

Later that day I was telling my aunt about what Par had done and was getting Par to show her when he took a step to her--I about died! Not even 5 months old and he is trying to walk!!!! FYI-he isn't crawling or anything--he is only now tolerating his tummy time. Anyway, we aren't trying to teach him--he will actually "cry" to stand up. I will admit, it is a little creepy to watch.

We went on our Saturday morning walk to breakfast today--as we stepped outside we were greeted by a neighborhood full of birthday parties! A "fire truck" was moving past our house at about 10mph--and as you can see--the jumping things are still the rage!

Our family has scattered this week--Boo has gone to Mexico for a girl trip, Sir is playing golf at the lake, and Gigi is in Oxford visiting family. The most important thing going on is March Madness--and tonight was the first time Rusty has been able to watch the games live because he has been working hard/late the past few weeks.
As a reminder, Rusty went to UNC (so did my brother, which is how Rusty and I met) and so tonight's game was very important--GO TARHEELS!!!
Now for something serious--I have found myself mindlessly blog stalking (if that is possible)--my friend taught me how to "blog hop"--go to a friend's blog then click on one of their friend's blogs and go from there...anyway, we did it on the phone together one day and really had fun. But, on my own I happened upon a most incredible blog that has made me think--really think about things and I want to share it with you. As you know, Rusty and I blogged our difficult journey of CDH through my pregnancy, Par's birth, and eventually our transition back home. We have a very special place in our hearts for other people blogging about a personal journey because of a medical condition--I read a lot of other blogs from parents of other CDH babies--mainly because I want to pray for them but also because "I can relate" and sometimes I need to remember where I've been and hopefully be able to offer hope to other parents currently in the position. Being an advocate for our baby was difficult but also easy--difficult because we were completely vulnerable to the medical lingo (although we feel like pros now) and vulnerable to God's plan (ie--we didn't have any idea what would happen)--but easy because our baby didn't have his own voice--we HAD to advocate for him--we HAD to ask for others to pray for him, he couldn't do it himself. As a parent, it was a humbling experience to "ask" for anything. All that said, there is a 25 year old woman named Tricia waiting for a double lung transplant. Her husband Nate is her advocate--asking for prayers, keeping everyone updated on her condition, spreading the word about cystic fibrosis (hence the need for the lung transplant). What makes this blog even more remarkable, Tricia has just given birth to Gwyneth Rose 11 weeks ago (24 weeks gestation)--so Nate is also Gwyneth's advocate--I can't even fathom the strength God has given him. Their story will keep you glued to the computer--I physically experienced God's love while reading their story--their love for life, each other, their family and this precious baby is present in every entry. I ask that you will pray for Nate as a husband, father, and quite simply--as a man. As Rusty and I remember so well--being in a hospital 24/7--Nate needs quality rest--so pray that he is completely refreshed each time he sleeps. Pray for the donor of the lungs for Tricia--that the donor has found love in our Lord and that his/her life has been for His glory and honor. Pray that the transplant will be without complication. Pray for the growth and development of their precious daughter. We have seen God's miraculous hand in one of Par's roommates (also a baby girl of 24 weeks gestation birth)who has done very well and is home now with her parents. We pray the same outcome for Gwyneth. Praise God for all the gifts He has given already! If you want to visit the blog, go here:

On another note--Alabama's CDH Awareness Day is March 31st--please use this day to tell someone about CDH (and Par!) to help spread the word, or consider treating yourself to a "Hope" bracelet (100% of proceeds go to CDH research through the Real Hope for CDH Foundation)--or perhaps, consider donating directly to the Real Hope for CDH Foundation:

Don't worry...more Par pics to come in celebration of CDH Day!!!!

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