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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thank You Easter Bunny!!!!!

Actually...what we sincerely mean is--thank you God for the life of our son and for our eternal life through Your Son Jesus Christ.

What a week. I could get really deep and philosophical about Holy Week right now--looking back over the past seven days and how it encompassed a death, wake, funeral, four birthdays, two birthday parties, Good Friday and now Easter Sunday. I could get philosophical--but...

Par is asleep right now and I would rather update you on our life and save the deep stuff for a time when I don't have much to get ready--LOTS OF PICTURES!!!!!!!!!

Daddy Joe's funeral was on Wednesday. My brother was one of two people to eulogize him--it was beautiful. Joe has a great way with words--but in the end, he said everything that I think everyone wanted to say--and that is why it was so beautiful. I don't know if that speaks more to Joe as a public speaker/speech writer or to my grandfather making each person feel so special--but either way, the funeral mass was beautiful. Par slept soundly the entire time all snuggled down in my sling--he was such a good boy.

Gigi's birthday (Rusty's mom) was also on Wednesday. She turned 60--which I don't mind saying because everyone seems shocked when I tell them-- she looks at least 10 years younger! We had a birthday party for her at Starbucks--a place that our family patronizes quite often.

Then Par decided he was tired of being "good" and needed to jump out some of his energy!!!

(Throughout the week we were able to wear lots of new ebay outfits! So take another look at the pictures to see how cute he looks!!!)

Rusty has been working super hard/late this week. His work ethic is amazing and I keep hoping it will rub off on me--but somehow I get so distracted (ie-ebay). I'm not worried about Par--clones have the exact same everything, right?

Saturday Par was invited to his first "friend" birthday party. Coleman turned 2 and had an Easter egg hunt.

It was exciting....Par spotted an egg...

(above) His focus is amazing...look at the hand/eye coordination...
(below) Look at the form--no fingers--all fist--he's a fighter I tell you--NICU or not, he is ready to fight!

Par was the youngest baby there--but Rusty and I had a blast watching what our lives will be like in 6 months or so. I won't go into detail--but I know people are going to say they would put money on Thomas at the next birthday party--but I am going to put my money on Will--anyone that can take a wheelbarrow to their head without flinching is one tough cookie!

Read is upset by the Easter bunny too...a theme with a lot of the little ones...thankfully the Easter bunny makes his rounds while we're sleeping.

Rob and Par meeting for the first time

Thames, Rob, Me, Par, Read & Charlotte

Par and Me

Of course, the Easter Bunny visited the party--too bad the birthday boy got a little scared! Coleman was precious. Read was a bit of entertainment for us--he is full of energy--and his parents made quite the team--Char is pregnant and Sam has a hurt leg--so they really couldn't keep up with him (he's 18 mos.). Par was able to meet Rob for the first time, too. Rob was born just 2 weeks before Par. Thames (Rob's mom) and I grew up together--thankfully their first meeting seemed to go well--it would just be terrible if they weren't friends!!!

Praise God for His Son!!!! I must admit that today seems like a blurr--and unfortunately, I was in so many different emotional directions this week I wasn't where I wanted to be mentally when we celebrated Easter mass today--but it was nice being there with my family--our first holiday with our little family. I plan on watching The Passion this week sometime--I've been trying to watch it each year--although I know we can never comprehend what Jesus has done for us in our lives here on earth--that movie is so moving and vivid--it allows me to really reflect on just how amazing our God is--how much he loves us. I'm sure it will take on a different meaning for me now that I am a parent and probably because I have seen my own son suffer to some extent.

(ebay outfit)

(ebay outfit)

So Par is pooped. He is asleep in our bed and hasn't stirred in about 2 hours. I'll be waking him up to feed him in a little while--and I plan on attacking him with kisses just in case he forgot how much I love him while he was sleeping.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

PS- The first picture of Par in the Basket--Par is wearing a lace bubble handmade by his Boo (my mom). Isn't it gorgeous!!!! (I just thought I should clarify--she would be upset if people thought I got it on ebay). :) I love you mom!!!!!!

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