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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy May!

Our spring has been lots of fun! After Disney World--we thought that going to see Thomas may just be a hit--and it was!!! Calera isn't far from Birmingham--both the boys had a great time.

Easter was wonderful--we were thankful to have healthy boys (although, as I type this they both have ear infections again--seriously!). Par asks me to tell him the story about Jesus over and over--he asks specifically for me to describe the crown of thorns and how they nailed Jesus to the cross--and then about the spear going into His side. He asks me what happened to the men who were mean to Jesus. This may sound gruesome to some and a little too much for a three year old--but Par doesn't seem scared--and for a little boy who has a pretty big scar of his own in the same spot--he seems to find comfort in the fact that Jesus has a big "hurt" too! It is very innocent--and Par keeps saying we need to take Dr. Kays to Heaven to fix Jesus. How sweet!?! If only we could ALWAYS find comfort in knowing that Jesus bore ALL OF OUR HURTS on that cross...unfortunately I personally seem to forget this when I am wrapped up in my own self...oh! to have the pure heart of a child once again!
Today Par had a tantrum while I was driving in the car--he wanted a "surprise" when we got home. He never specifically said what "surprise" he wanted--I just assume he wanted some candy--so I responded, "We're eating dinner when we get home. Maybe you can have a surprise later."
To that--the screaming, crying and lots of tears. Yes, my three year old has absorbed some of what we are teaching about Jesus--he screamed at the top of his lungs "I want to go to Heaven. I want to go to Heaven right now. I want to go to Heaven so I can get surprises."
What has he learned?--clearly, Heaven is a very happy place--apparently with lots of surprises!
And Jack? He mumbles a lot--says Daddy, "night night", doggie, Hi!, and bye!--he walks without issue--he climbs--but not like Par--Par scaled things--things that gravity doesn't normally agree to...but not Jack, he is more calculated--he sees opportunity and takes it (ie-chair too close to counter, drink on low table)--he is very stubborn lately-but what else would you expect with that reddish hair...although with his little personality, you might think it should be bright red...just sayin....

Oh...and some bitter sweet news...
Violet is no longer with our family. She went to live with Aunt B. We are all very happy about this decision--Violet will be much happier with Aunt B. Of course, we miss her and we are sad that we had to make the decision--actually, there wasn't really a decision--she bit Par--so she had to go. We were hoping that Par would shape up seeing how you get shipped off if you don't behave in this family--it hasn't worked yet. And Tiffany? Let's just say she is glad things are back to normal. And if you were to ask her she'd say "Violet who?" :(

By the way...Rusty made the slide show. He failed to post a picture with me finding the GOLDEN EGG at my parents' REAL egg hunt. I believe this is my 32nd consecutive year finding the Golden Egg.

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tarheelmom said...

love the post! Hope those ol' ear infections stay away! love to see the pictures of the boys.