Par & Jack Pics...(updated 11/26/11))

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 2011!

We are SOOOOOO excited about 2011!
I'm so proud to announce Rusty's new job! His new job started the 1st of January and he is already in full swing as Managing Director! He's doing the same thing--but in a managing position which is a great "promotion" of sorts--a wonderful opportunity for him! I'm so proud of him and he totally deserves this great job!
2011 also finally brought reprieve for sweet little Jack's ears...he got tubes and seems to be feeling better--he is certainly chattering more (although, nothing we can understand) but he still isn't walking....hopefully in the next few weeks.
Par has graduated from the smiley face system that his teacher had put into play specifically for Par. Basically, each day I would pick Par up from school and he would have face on a piece of paper--if it was smiley, then Par had a good day. If it was sad...well, that meant that he had a "cooperative challenging" day. Well, I got a note home saying he has been having lots of great days and we no longer need the smiley face incentive! YAY!!!!!!
Par's yearly visit with Dr. Kays is coming up--stay tuned!

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