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Friday, June 18, 2010

Halfing fun!!!!

Okay, Okay. It isn't like I'm avoiding posting things...I just don't think about it until the house it quiet and I'm going to sleep...and I promise myself I'll do it in tomorrow morning...and well...tomorrow never comes...right!?!
So this is better than nothing...although it pales in comparison to what I want to write...SOOOO much goes on each day....I have so much that I want to remember about raising these boys...but a memory will have to suffice--not everything can be archived on the blog. goes...

At the end of April, Timothy Cornelius Hennessy III arrived. He is Jack's best friend--I shudder to think of the trouble Par will lead them all into! They'll make quite a pack...but if there is one person who deserves payback for childhood antics--it is Tim III's father--and let me tell you--if these boys do half the things that Tim Jr. and his brothers did growing up--I could very well lose my mind by the time I'm 35...don't misunderstand--those Hennessy boys are "good" boys--just in a very limited sense of the word--and with that, I mean they all have good moral values--but they are boys--and take full advantage of every aspect of being is going to be a lot of fun...

( Here I am with Tim III--explaining to him that I know about everything they are planning on doing.)

Right aftere Tim III got here--we had a big day! Par's Half Birthday!!!! We celebrated with his cousins at the train tracks--too bad no trains showed up. But they had a fun cake eating contest. You've got to love prissy little girls getting messy!

One Tuesday this May was a big day..Par's first day of school. He had a great time--he even woke up in the middle of his nap crying because he wanted to go back. He became hysterical when I told him he'd get to go back Thursday. He screamed, "No MAMA!!! I want to go to school RIGHT NOW!"....great problem, huh!?! It was just a 2/week for 2 weeks thing--he'll do it again in July and then he starts school for real in September!

The past 2 weeks we've been managing peculiar skin issues with Jack and Par. For Mother's Day, we (Rusty, Jack, Par & Me) went to the lake--it was WONDERFUL--we had such a nice and relaxing time! But...Par stepped in an ant bed-a fire ant bed was TERRIBLE! I wont tell you about how we inadvertently overdosed our child on benadryl because we were slathering benadryl cream on his foot every few hours. I also won't share with you that we learned of the overdosing from the nurse after we called because he was studdering and falling down....nope, we'll keep all of that to ourselves...ahem. Other than that, Par and Jack had a blast!

As Par's foot was healing, Jack developed a mean rash. It was INSANE--it eventually covered every inch of his body and we don't know a name for it...but the poor thing...he was trying to scratch --it must have itched so bad--I gave in a few times and he would become a little rag doll as I rubbed (scratched) his back...and arms...and legs...It took a full 7 days to go away...he is all better

Our Thursday night dinner guests have been lovely. The past month we've had Aunt Sara, Davis Family, our next door neighbor Billy, Big D, Minnie & Memaw, our down the street friend Barbara and this past Thursday night we had a special permanent guest--a new dining room table! It is being handed down to us from my parents (not a special family heirloom or anything--they just don't need it). I'm so excited because it will easily seat more people than our current table--but is still the same size when the leaves are not out--which is good because our dining room is not big. Anyway, we have had it less than a week and I day dream about the hundred of dinners we will have at this table---and the wonderful people we will get to know better each Thursday night!

As you may recall, Par moved into our guest room over a year ago. Not that he moved "out" of the nursery--because he never slept in there...but anyway, when he started sleeping in a big boy bed, we just moved him and some of his stuff into the guest room and he has been very happy in there! But I haven't--because it was such a hodge podge of stuff (furniture, fabric, stuff) and I have really been itching to do something. But I had been at a loss! Until I saw my sweet little Tim's baby room--it is absolutely PRECIOUS--and it got me really thinking and the room just came together in my head--and a few weeks later with the help of Misty, it came together for real! It is so cute and will be able to grow with the boys, too! As you can see, Jack is already part of the decor. I'm so happy because the room was completed the day that Rusty's Dad, Mary and Memaw came into town. We had a great time with them during the long weekend! It was Memaw's first time to meet Jack--I think they got along fine! Of course, I enjoyed the extra hands and eyes watching my little tazmanian devil and gorilla...It was like I was on a mini-vacation! We made our trip to the zoo and the boys posed for their annual picture--one of my favorite little traditions that we have.

I was involved in putting on a ball this June--and that is why my "weekly" updates have gone MIA--I've been living at the ball's venue and glued to my phone causing problems and solving big responsibility prior to the ball was the program--yikes! It turned out great (I think) and now that the ball has come and gone, I have a few weeks before it all starts over again for planning next year.
We celebrated my 32nd birthday--it was wonderful--low key and with my boys...just perfect! We were at the lake again instead of the beach (thanks to BP) and we had a great time. I requested a red velvet cake (i'd been craving one) and Rusty came through with a GIANT one--he is a wonderful husband!!!

And finally, we celebrated Jack's first Half Birthday just yesterday! Think "weekend at bernie's" meets "look who's talking"--Jack slept through his entire party!!! We did it at Zoe's (like we did for Par) and invited some kids his age (Harper and Tim) and then Par, Isabelle and Elizabeth and Frances. Of course, grownups were there too...a fun memory--I'll add more pictures as I get them from others--but these will do for now.

6 month stats for Jack....

17 lbs. 8 oz.

27.5 " long

4.5 teeth, 2 bottom, 2 top, 1/2 top

Sits unassisted, pulls up on baby bed....desperately wants to crawl

Has started eating--enjoys bananas and sweet potato--but LOVES a rib bone--he'll chew on it for hours!

As for Par--we're potty training. enough said.

I'll probably edit this to make it flow better--but at least I have something written down now.

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JZ said...

Happy Half Birthday to Jack! He's so cute!

Thanks for the info on the books. Most of my research has been online but I certainly should pick up a few good books too!