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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just a glimpse of our little one...

Isn't he beautiful!?! I think he looks completely different from Par...but I guess we will have to wait! Compare for yourself by looking here at Par around the same time...
My doctor's appointment went great--everything is going great! He moves around all of the time! He is around 3.5 lbs from his measurements...but I know that isn't as scientific as I'd like to believe--so it really doesn't mean much.

And for documentation purposes, Par slept in his big boy bed from 8:20pm until 6:30am--ALL BY HIMSELF! We are so proud of him! The past four days he has been staying in his bed until between 4-4:30am (which we were proud of) I woke up at 4:30, then 5:30--no Par. I woke Rusty and asked him where my baby was--he confirmed he was still asleep. At 6:30 he was up and ready to play...he is such a big boy now...we'll see how tonight goes!

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Anonymous said...

Baby Rich is beautiful! What a miracle. And I am so proud of Par.
Love ya'll,