Par & Jack Pics...(updated 11/26/11))

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

he keeps going...and going...and going...

Yep. Par is like the energizer bunny. He doesn't stop for a second during the day. Although, he has fallen asleep for an afternoon nap as I type this--but naps--or at least, long naps) are becoming rare these days. Yikes.

Mother’s Day was wonderful…but to be honest…my husband spoils me daily…and I am sure it has nothing to do with the return of my mantra “Honey, I’m pregnant, can you…?” He never complains—he happily gets up to get me some water or let the dogs in/out, see what Par is climbing on, hand me the remote control…
I know…I should feel bad, right? Nope…because although Rusty works very hard to provide for our family, he is rarely (meaning, possibly twice at this point) asked to change diapers. This doesn’t mean he hasn’t or won’t change a diaper—I just don’t ask him to—it just isn’t a big deal to me…now getting up from a comfy position to get the remote control…that is a big deal. So now that I am baking another heir for him, I’m going to let him spoil me (although I’m sure there is a breaking point) and hopefully just as soon as my energy returns I’ll be back to my old self…until the 3rd trimester comes…then I KNOW my mantra will return.

So obviously I am feeling really tired right now…and Par doesn’t seem to care. I don’t want to nap, I just want to rest—but for some reason, Par wants to do anything but rest or nap. He is running around like a crazy monkey on speed most of the time—he sings Happy Birthday about 30 times a day—actually, he sings ALL OF THE TIME!!!! He sings songs from music class, songs we sing to him and some that he makes up on his own. He talks a lot too…some of his words are difficult to understand…but I think most would agree he is VERY polite…his favorite word: Please. (Paweeze) Enjoy the video below—this is how he is all the time…but it was late, so he is a little tired in the video.

We took the video a few weeks ago...and he has since perfected the Happy Birthday song...he says almost every word and it is more obvious what he is singing.

We went to a party at the zoo--Par begged to ride the carousel over and over again. Rusty was a good daddy and got on it lots of times. Check out him trying to climb the barrier to the carousel. What you don't here is him crying (yelling) "Please! Please! Please!" It was pretty pathetic...and has definitely ruined subsequent trips to the zoo.

I had a OB appointment today...everything is going fine...we saw the little baby. He/she was moving around with a heart rate of 167...we find out in about 5 weeks if we are having a girl or a boy....please cast your vote in the upper left hand side of the is some information to help you with your decision:

I thought Par was a girl--he clearly is a boy--but I was 100% sure he was a girl until the ultrasound. I don't feel quite as strong about this one, but I do think it is a girl.
I have had morning sickness this time--none with Par.
The pencil test says girl.
Chinese calendar says girl.
I crave fruit.

While waiting to see the doctor this morning I saw that there is an early gender detection home test--80% accurate I think. (I can pick one up at the local walgreens)...I am SO tempted to do this...but as I think about my friends who have had children, I have been about 80% accurate on predicting their genders it may be a waste of money...if you've done it, please let me know if it is worth it. Hmmmm.....

Par's music class is over--we won't go again until the fall. Our story time at the library doesn't start up again until June...finding entertainment for a child on speed is a lot of work--but we seem to be doing just fine. It is amazing how long water keeps him occupied! A few of his friends are now "out of school" so we hope to be playing with them more often--and of course, we look forward to a summer full of swimming!


Cathryn said...

How Precious!

Cindy said...

Wow, Par is getting so big and is such a cutie! Claire is ALWAYS on the go just like him.

I think you are having a girl since the heart rate is so fast. Claire's was always in the 150's. My mom said mine was fast but both my brothers' were slower in the 140's. How fast was Par's?

I hope your hubby keeps spoiling you and that you get your energy back soon.

Anonymous said...

Par is adorable!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing. We miss seeing each of you. Hope you can make it to Asheboro soon. Keep sending the pictures so we can enjoy his growing up. Love and blessings to all, Sheila

tarheelmom said...

the heartrate thing can be fairly accurate...that speed makes me think girl too.
Can't wait to hear what it is!
the basingers

MLH said...

I craved "healthy" things with ML - I definitely think it's a girl - especially with that heart rate (I'm pretty sure that's what ML's was just about every time we went to the doctor). I will tell you this though - every single test we did (pencil, chinese calendar, etc.) all said BOY!

Fer said...

Par is just adorable! And I say: GIRL!!!!!!

brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

I say BOY! Carter's heart rate was always fast and the only thing I ate my entire pregnancy was FRUIT! :)

Catie Murphy said...

Wow! Videos are fantastic! Par is amazingly adorable! Thanks for sharing!