Par & Jack Pics...(updated 11/26/11))

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yes, this was an April Fool's Day post...although I had a few emails and comments that weren't quite sure.

Well, yesterday was quite frustrating as I spent most of the day with Tiffany at the vet. A few weeks ago Tiffany escaped out the front door and made her way around the neighborhood. She had never done it before and has never done it since--I often wondered what she did on her little hiatus.
Now I know.
Tiffany delivered 2 little puppies yesterday--they look like golden retrievers, not like Tiffany at all (she is a Cavalier). It was a difficult delivery but Tiffany is doing fine. I am suspicious that my neighbor just down the street knew about this--but what can I do?
I'll tell you what I did! I left the puppies on her doorstep this morning. I put them in a dog carrier and sat them right on her door step. Tiffany acts like nothing ever happened and has been running around like normal.
As you can imagine, Tiffany is in big trouble right now.


A simple being said...

oh dear, well my dad always said that having girls are more trouble than crossing my fingers not! i got myself three lil girls.

this isn't funny, but it sorta is, i hope your tiff can recover and move on and keep in her own yard!

Ole Miss Mom said...

this is an aprils fools isnt it..i almost bought it.....haha...i dont think you would leave newborn puppies ona doorstep with no way to take care of themselves!! good one...i couldn't think of a good prank to pull on my blog!

boy i'll feel stupid if i'm wrong though.... :-)

Sally said...

i checked your blog today just because i knew you'd pull something like this...didnt believe it for a second...i know you like the back of my hand sharing sister

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you pulled off an April's Fool joke at least someone! Grandaddy never called to question - so at least "a simple being" was cooperative!

A simple being said...

okay par's mom you got me! you know it never even hit me that it was april fools day until i went to another blog about hour later then i was like oh man...for must think im a goof!

liz one...whit to sleep deprived to worry about it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hellooo in there! Missing pictures of Par.