Par & Jack Pics...(updated 11/26/11))

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And we're up!

We will update later with in 10 hours when we are
home...but Par is doing great! Woo hoo!!!!!


Fer said...

I'm glad he's doing fine!

Anonymous said...

happy that your visit went well and that you all are on your way home. i hope you guys get home in time to see the tarheels beat dook!

the basingers

Tricia said...

He's getting so big!! I'm curious as to what he weighs! You said in a prev post that you were starting a higher fat diet. He looks about the same proportions as Cadenne... She is 14 mos and 16lbs, 4oz... really tall, though. I'd love to share ideas on fattening these little guys up!