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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Tuesday mornings are now really busy for the FOR! Rusty goes to work ( and I am now going to Sales Meeting--and I need to get Par to his Gigi's house and then to the office before 9am.
Okay...okay...I realize that many of you do this every single day...and much earlier...but it has been a long time since I have--and well...I have a lot of respect for those of you who do it every day!
Because we have lots of Starbucks gift cards from this Christmas (which we LOVE!)we do stop by and get coffee for me and pumpkin bread for Par. So far--so good! I haven't been late yet---but I've only done this twice now.
After Sales Meeting I pick Par up and head to the library for StoryTime--something we only discovered last week--and we LOVE it! Today was very special because we saw a fellow blogger Ole Miss Mom in the flesh! It is sort of surreal--you read about someone and their family for so long and once you see was just funny. Thankfully, she reads FOR too--so it wasn't too weird--and we've known each other for years (I used to babysit her and her brother and sister)but I haven't seen her out in real life in a VERY long time. Anyway...Par and Lillian got to meet in person--he was very loving towards her--he gives everyone a hug now--it is precious...but my camera on my phone wasn't quick enough to capture it.

Par's friend Isabelle was also there with her grandmother--he tried to drag her away...

Last week Par did great he didn't have a very long attention span...but he had fun still! we are home and he is some good down time for me!


Ole Miss Mom said...

It was SO fun seeing you guys too!! Hope to see you again soon!

I didn't realize you got a pic of Par trying to drag Isabelle away....he almost got her sweater off! Hilarious!

Par was being so sweet to everyone! Fun to meet the little man in person!

And I TOTALLY forgot you used to babysit us...CRAZY!!!

Fer said...

I always enjoy to read your updates :)