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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dinner Surprise!!!

Cavender's Surprise, that is! I am not one for posting recipes...I actually really hate going to my favorite blogs only to find that the recent update was that of a recipe--boring! But...being that I have already updated twice today with pictures...maybe I could slide this little recipe in without getting anyone upset...and maybe I'll add a little update at the end...
So...I was over at my friend's house the other night (sans Par and Rusty) and was feeling a tad light headed--so instead of giving me a cracker--they loaded up a plate of pasta for me--I was so thankful--because I was starving but certainly didn't want to admit it at the time. Anyway, it was delicious. She told me what was in it but it seemed like gibberish--or something that I wouldn't have already so I really didn't think about it again. Until today...when I was trying to figure out what to fix for dinner--we didn't have much chicken left (I had made one earlier this week) and I knew that Par needed something a little more interesting. I started thinking about that pasta. So I called my friend and she named the ingredients and said "Cavenders" and low and behold--I was staring right at it in my spice cabinet.
So...I whipped it up, served it to my precious boy--and I have never seen him eat something so fast--he was shoveling it in his mouth. This is SOOOOO easy--especially since there isn't really a wrong way to make it--you are likely to always have enough ingredients on hand--as long as you have Cavenders!

This is what we had tonight:
Penne Pasta
remnants of chicken
leftover goat cheese
parmesan cheese
frozen peas

At my friends house the other night:
Fettuccine Pasta
frozen peas
cheddar cheese

My friend says you can use any cheese, any pasta, any veggie and any meat--or none at all!

It really is delicious--if you try it--let me know how you make it! now for a little update.
We bought new shoes today because Par's little shoes are SOOOOO stretched out that they don't offer him much support--and I was a little worried he'd not be able to walk on the bark at the Tot Lot without my surprise--his 3.5 size shoe in October is now a 5+!!! He loves his new shoes and he ran without any problem in the Tot Lot terrain. Hopefully he'll be saying "red" in the next few days--all because of his cute red shoes!

We received a note via USPS from Dr. Kays yesterday--I was shocked!! In our family, getting a note from Dr. Kays is like getting a note from someone famous! It was just a friendly "happy new year--par looks good--sorry about Bama" note--short and sweet--but definitely has us pumped up about seeing him in early February.
Par learned how to do a somersault a few days ago--he is hysterical when he does it--we'll hopefully have it on video this weekend--so check back!


Anonymous said...

OK, he is the cutest most beautiful little boy!!! I love his new shoes. He is growing so fast. Have a great day!!! Allison

Anonymous said...

Love the new shoes!!! He is growing so fast. Looking forward to seeing Darrell's pictures from Christmas. Love and blessings to all. Sheila

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Sorry, I won't post another recipe