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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1 Year Check-Up!

Par had his one year check-up today (yes, we realize it is 18 days past due--but this was the first appointment I could get)...anyway...drum roll please....
Okay...before you too excited--this only accounts for his height and head circumference...we are still hovering below the line for weight...but Dr. Farr seems to think we'll catch up.
As for height, he is in the 10%--which is pretty good (if you know Rusty and me personally)--YAY PAR!!!!
another drum roll please...
Par is officially medicine free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The boy is amazing! When he turned 1 I started weaning his reglan and zantac--of course, watching for any change in poos/eating/discomfort---he has been fine and seems to have tolerated the wean and therefore is completely off all medicine!!!!
We thank God and praise Him for healing our precious Par's insides. We know this road (life with CDH) could have been very different.
You know, it is sort of funny--he likes (liked) his medicine. It was a nice little ritual each night. He has such a strong suck that many times he would suck the syringe all the way down (meaning, I would not have to push it). I think he liked the taste too...but I'm sure he'll be fine without it!
I'll post a pic from the appointment a little later...


RichardsFamilyof4 said...

Yay Par!!! WhooHoo!
That's awesome for the Rich Family...Congrats :)

Anonymous said...

What a miracle!!!! Can't help being teary as I think of God's goodness. We love you so much little Par. Praise God for bringing you into our family. Blessings, Jim and Sheila

Fer said...

WTG Par!!!!!

I'm happy he's off the meds. Juanpa still takes them 3 times a day and I know what you mean about the ritual :)


The Bennett Family... said...

Yay! What an accomplishment. I absolutely cannot beleive it has been a year. These CDH babies bring about some sort of time warp. I sit back and wonder where the last 5 1/2 years have gone for us. Thanks for the pics. He is a cutie!