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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Par is 9 Months Old!!!!

As many of you know, Par has 2 bottom teeth--he is very shy about showing them we thought we'd try and get some pictures of them while he was enjoying his apple snack...

Par continues to take take steps...right now he is very confident in taking one step on his own--he does this between furniture and such--but is hesitant to take more than one step unless we are coaxing him. I catch him standing all by himself a lot--and of course I get so excited for him that he quickly sits...

We took his 9 month pictures at the Tot Lot in Crestline Village--a little playground I grew up going to. It is definitely in walking distance--but too hot this morning, so we drove.

Par is eating lots and lots--for his 9 month birthday he had green beans (a new favorite), sweet potatoes mixed with bananas and filet mignon. He LOVED it! Keep in mind, he is still primarily breastfeeding but he gets dinner each night (for the past week) and a snack during the day.

He is teething again--it looks like 2 more bottom teeth are trying to come in--he is pursing his lips like last time--poor little boy!!! So how do we keep him happy? Well, the boy loves his bath!

We still don't have confirmation on whether or not Tiffany is "with puppy(s)" yet--but we hope to know soon. She is still acting different--but it could be that a little baby monster is bothering her all the time!

I must admit--I am really looking forward to the routine that comes along with fall. Football, tv shows, cool evenings, everyone seems more organized in general! Around here--school starts next week!

I'll probably add to this post again by the end of the weekend--so check back!

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